Sex Schoolin’: Aural Sex—Podcasts!

More and more, sex and all of the stories associated with it are being told in podcasts. Even though I am completely enveloped in sex-related reading, sometimes I just need to sit back and have the sex told to me. Here are some excellent sex podcasts.

Raw Sex
After some moving around the internet dial, Alicia “The Sexual Intellectual” has found herself a home and is putting out some really great work. She may only be a few episodes in but she’s fun to listen to, poised, confident and already attracting intriguing guests.

Sex With Timaree
I was lucky enough to meet and chat with Timaree at Playground Conference. I’ve since been working through past episodes (she’s up over 150!) and I love her presentation and range of guests.

Strap-On Pleasure
Another new addition to the sex podcast world, but one I am personally greatly interested in. Not only is the focus on strap-on hotness, but it is hosted by one of my favourite bloggers, Lori of Kink, etc.

Sex Nerd Sandra
One of the best podcasts out there, period. Sex or otherwise. So fun, so smart.

The Whorecast
I am fairly new to The Whorecast at this point, but from what I’ve heard, I know I’m going to be listening a lot more. The focus on sex workers is greatly appreciated in a time when so many are overshadowing their voices.

The Kiss Me Quicks Erotica Podcast & The Sexy Librarian Blog
I think you all know how freakin’ awesome I think Rose Caraway is. Check out these two links for her erotica and her new(ish) podcast.

I’ll always be happy as along as I can find Audiosmut. Even though it evolves with new volunteers all the time, this show continues to amaze me with outstanding, creative content about sex.