Sex Schoolin’: Hot for Teachers March 2014

Welcome back to my monthly introduction of sex educators and sexologists I follow and read. These are the folks who are getting us the information about sex that we need, whether we are sharing that information with others or learning ourselves.

Role call!

Megan Andelloux

My first reason for putting Megan in this list right now is because she’s heading down to the University of Tennessee to speak at their much-maligned but much-needed Sex Week. A big Bravo to Megan! But she is more than that. She founded the the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, a fantastic resource in Rhode Island. She lectures and speaks at schools across America. She’s an author and creates amazing videos. She’s pretty damn fantastic.
Innovation is a key to evolution. When I first heard about Bondassage, a combination of massage techniques and bondage/kink techniques, I was both curious and skeptical. They didn’t seem to fit. But then I read Jaeleen’s groundbreaking book and spoke with her on Sex City. She has such a remarkable array of information and passion for her work—and it shows. I highly recommend checking Bondassage out so that you can be taught by a true master.
If you’ve ever tried organizing a public event, then you know why I’m recognizing Dee Dennis here. In such a short time she has created the tremendous CatalystCon, a twice a year force in sex education. Dee brings together the best of the best sex educators in both Washington and Los Angeles for the most amazing discussions of sex and sexuality that you’re going to find. You can learn more about the cons this week on Sex City, but more importantly you can hear the passion and love that Dee has for this event and sex education. A remarkable person!
Dr. Logan Levkoff
One of my go-to sites for sex education is VivaXO by Dr. Trina Read and it is through there that I discovered and have come to value contributions by Dr. Logan Levkoff. In particular, I am always amazed by her fantastic writing on discussing sexuality with youth and teenagers. I’ve got two at home so this is important stuff for me! I can’t wait to read her new book Got Teens?: The Doctor Moms’ Guide to Sexuality, Social Media and Other Adolescent Realities.