Muse Mondays: Dirty Redhead

Sometimes I just get an idea in my head for #MuseMondays…and I have to pursue it. And today I was thinking about how much I enjoy redheads.

So, as I pictured crimson hair and alabaster skin, I slipped over to Redhead Firecrackers and found this delightful photo of Miss Lucy O’Hara—and in a bath! Perfect inspiration for my mood!

Dirty Redhead

“Don’t give me any lines about getting dirty, I just want you to hand me that shampoo on the counter.”

Tasha is always so sassy when she’s trying to get ready to go out. I am not really sure why she always has to have a bath she we’re a bit rushed, but I will take my time enjoying the view while I’m in here.

I walk to her, shampoo in my outstretched hand. When she reaches for it, I pull it back.

“May I?”

She gives me a skeptical look. “Okay, but don’t take too long, we’re going to run out of time.”

I give her my most innocent look. “Of course!” She smirks as I bat my lashes. I fill a jug with clean water as she settles in.

The thick cream fills the palm of my hand. Tasha’s long hair needs a lot of shampoo. I know this, I’ve washed her lovely red tresses many times. I love sliding my fingers through her locks, reaching her scalp for a massage. A contented sigh parts her lips.

“So, why do you also take bath when we’re rushed to go out. You do take showers the rest of the time. Why a bath now?” I don’t expect her body to stiffen at this question.

“Well,” she starts nervously, “I with tell you because your fingers feel so good.”

She definitely has my attention now.

“Before we go out,” she continues, “I need a release. I love a quick cum in a bath.”

Now this is surprising. Tasha loves sex and experimenting, but she doesn’t often masturbate around me. Her body relaxes with this admission. My fingers continue to work her scalp.

“Have you done that yet?” I won’t pretend that I am not turned on, but I am also just legitimately curious.

“Not yet…”

I peek down her body and watch her hands making waves in the water. Waves toward her silky, red pubes. Her pink, hard nipples poke out of the water, bright against her creamy skin.

“Would you like to?”

“If you keep touching me like that, then yes, I would.”

I intensify the pressure of the pads of my fingers at the same time hers reach her vulva. The water swirls and splashes just a bit as her hand moves in time with mine. Her other freckled hand reaches up to stretch across her breasts.

I focus all of my energy through my own hands, spreading it through my fingers and down to her scalp. She pushes back against me to savour it even more.

The swirling water looks more like a whirlpool at this point, the water getting rough and turbulent. I imagine her long, divine fingers rubbing her clot, edging her closer and closer. I do my best to keep tendrils of shampoo from reaching her face and eyes. But she isn’t making it easy. As her orgasm nears, her head rolls back and forth on the edge of the tub.

Just as I slip my fingers down to the nap of her neck for a different touch, Tasha opens her mouth, stretches and stiffens her legs and starts cumming. Her tension forces her cunt just clear of the water’s surface, endulging me the briefest glimpse of her glowing mound and furious fingers.

Eventually, her body releases, relaxing into the nearly cold water. She quickly dunks and then rinses her hair with fresh, clean water I provide.

“Ready to face the world, squeaky-clean and relaxed?”

“Actually,” she turns and presents me her stunning ass, “I was thinking about getting dirty.”