The Hook-up:


Just what is the sound of one hand clapping? If any wise philosopher ever figures it out, it just might be because so many are applauding the great work Jenne does with Clitical.

How did you get into sex blogging?
To be honest, it was a happy accident that got me into sex blogging. Many years ago, when the only internet available was dial up, and was run by cavemen, I discovered I loved to write erotic stories. Clitical was born when I got together with Art, who was, and still is, the Webmaster of EroticStories.Com. In the beginning he didn’t know what to write and I didn’t know my HTML from my PHP. Between us we created Clitical and we still refer to her as our petulant child, and although Art is no longer a Clitical player, he still advises me once in a while, and we remain good friends.

Why did you choose to focus on masturbation and create the Masturbation Manifesto?
I passionately believe that masturbation is the foundation of all good sex. After all, if you don’t know your own body, and what turns you on, how can you realistically expect a partner to? At the time Clitical was born, there were few sites that were dedicated to masturbation, or more specifically, female masturbation, so I decided that was the direction Clitical should go in. When you think about it masturbation is a huge subject that encompasses so much more than simply techniques. Like all good sex it starts in the mind, which is why I focus on erotica [or as we call it—Cliterature,] a lot. We added in sex toy reviews because, at a certain point, adding a sex toy to their masturbation routine, can take things to a new level of pleasure for many women.

Your “Reasons to Masturbate” articles are awesome! Do these reasons just come naturally to you?
Thank you, and for the most part yes. The majority are common sense and some of them are ones I’ve decided were just fun to add in. After all sex should be fun, even if you are the only one having sex.

There are so many reader submitted techniques! Did you expect this to be so popular?
I had no idea that the reader submitted technique section would be so popular. It just seemed natural to ask visitors to share their own favourite technique. After all, knowledge is power and you can never have enough techniques to try.

Sex toys are a huge and varied market. Are any particular companies doing great work in promoting, not just themselves, but the positive reasons to masturbate?
GoodVibrations come to mind as the leaders when it comes to a positive attitude towards masturbation and all it has to offer. They were the pioneers of Masturbation month, which is always May, and is something that we seriously celebrate at Clitical as well.

What is the best toy you’ve tried lately?
Being honest, of the toys I have tried lately I would have to peg the Stronic Drie as my favorite. It’s been a long time since a toy took my breath away but the Stronic Drie did that and still continues to with each use. If I’m looking solely for clitoral stimulation then my favourite go-to toy is my Form 2.

What are your favourite types of erotic stories to write these days?
I love writing prompts such as the ones posted by Rebel’s Notes whose meme Wicked Wednesday often inspires a short story. Writing from unusual view points seems to be something I find myself doing often nowadays. I recently wrote a short story from the perspective of the kitchen floor, I know, go figure right -))

What qualities does a sex guide need to have for you to repost and recommend it?
Lots of knowledge goes without saying, but also an article that is amusing and doesn’t take a subject to seriously will almost always get my personal attention. After sex should be fun, and so should a guide that talks about sex.

What can we look forward to from you in the future?
I have quite a few things in the pipeline, but if I tell you, I might jinx them and we wouldn’t want to do that, would we -) I will continue to promote the virtues of masturbation, write erotica, and generally have fun on the internet because life is to short to do anything else…