Sex Schoolin’: Hot for Teachers February 2014

Welcome back to my monthly introduction of sex educators and sexologists I follow and read. These are the folks who are getting us the information about sex that we need, whether we are sharing that information with others or learning ourselves.

Role call!

Sabrina Morgan
I was lucky enough to catch Sabrina’s talk on trafficking at last fall’s Playground Conference and interview her on Sex City. It was one of those moments when you realize you are learning from someone with knowledge, compassion and care. If you have the opportunity to see her speak, on human trafficking or kink or sex and media or when she is participating in events like Iron Slut, don’t miss that opportunity. And be sure to seek out her writing!

I love Jaiya’s video series. They are, without a doubt, some of the hottest, sexiest sex education works out there. And that is saying something. Many sex ed videos are made to be sexy and others aren’t. And that is okay! But with Jaiya’s Red Hot Touch series you definitely get the best of both worlds! Her scenes are always sensual, the voiceover is smooth and the demonstrations are believable and hot. Of course, it is all coupled the knowledge of a fantastic sex educator!

Toronto’s own Morpheous is a sex ed wonder. His classes and workshops are much sought-after around the world and his books How to Be Kinky and How to Be Kinkier are great guides to exploring new, kinky interests. With particular expertise in rope bondage, he also hosts the huge, wildly-successful all-night Morpheous’ Bondage Extravaganza at the annual Nuit Blanche in Toronto.

Sex Nerd Sandra
Sandra has made an incredible impact in the short time that her delightful and fun podcast has been around. The touches on so many sex topics and isn’t afraid to tell us that she’s moving through and trying to understand sex and sexuality just like everyone else. She’s got a genuine approach that also makes us giggle.