Muse Mondays: His Fingers Reached a New Place

Welcome back to Muse Mondays—my frequent erotica writing exercise! The deal is, I find a photo that inspires me and then I write a story. Sounds simple, right? Well, I consider it a challenge. I always want to improve my writing and finding new sources to provoke the writing reaction is a good way to do just that.
Breath play is serious business. Proceed with much caution and care. I found this stunning image via the always tantalizing Venice Bloggs.

His Fingers Reached A New Place

I didn’t have to tell him, though we had discussed the possibility in the past. As soon as he slipped his hard cock into me and I through my head back, we both knew this wouldn’t be an average fuck.

I had teased him all throughout the day. Text after text reminding him how wet I am and how much I want to bend over for him. I knew as soon as I woke up that I would want him to fuck me hard and fast from behind that night. And that I just might want more.

As soon as we walked in the door of the apartment, he was on me. Well, I’m not sure if he got to me first or if I got to him first. The energy was unmistakable and raw. We wrestled each other’s clothes off right there in the hallway. I wanted to tease him more…but that would have denied me. Cock…now was all I could think.

I ran away from him, but not before grabbing him by the scruff of the neck for a deep kiss. As I started to let go of his hair, my hand slipped to the front of his neck and I gave a quick squeeze. This caught him slightly off-guard, but I ran too fast for any kind of real reaction.

By the time he caught up to me I was already on the bed, waiting, just how I wanted to be. I greeted him with the site of my open, wet cunt and two fingers deep inside it. My ass was spread and inviting. He knew what to do and stepped up.

Grabbing my ass in both hands, I felt his cock momentarily pause before he fucked his way into me. That pause came before a hard push and loud grunt. And then he was on fire, fucking and fucking. This was exactly what I wanted and needed, and he knew it. He always knows what to do for me.

And this time, without asking, he really knew. He took my silent, sight cue from the hallway. Strong hands moved up my back, gliding up my skin as he pounded his cock into my pussy. His strong and steady thrusts inched them further and further until both rested at the back of my neck.

I yearned to feel a new embrace. Already on the brink of cumming, I wanted so badly for him to stretch his fingers, grab and squeeze. And when he did, when he reached out, when his hands moved ever so slightly forward, I felt a rush I’d never known.

When his fingers wrapped around my neck, even before he gave a gentle squeeze, all of the energy in my body flooded to that spot. It was as if my body knew to rebel…but still wanted more. It was a new place for me. My breath was ragged and raw and I panted for more and more and more. That first squeeze might has set of a fight reaction, but the second one didn’t.

The second one announced my surrender to that new place in the form of the most intense orgasm of my life.