Muse Mondays: Champagne Wishes

Seeing as it is a brand new year and all (had you heard?), I want to get my erotica cap back on, so welcome to the return of #MuseMondays! For those who are new or might need reminding, Muse Mondays is my own little reminder to keep on writing (you can check out the works from 2013 here)…and keep on writing what I am so happy to write—smut! Every week I try to write at least one story based on an image I find online, particular on Twitter.

This week, I went to the sexy well and check on what one of my favourite sex bloggers, Lady Cheeky, has been posting and I was not at all disappointed. I found this sexy shot and thought I would embrace the new year theme.

Champagne Wishes

The bar is to the walls with people. Servers have stopped taking orders so that they too can enjoy the moment. Celebratory bottles of champagne have already been passed around the room, glasses to be filled with the hopes and dreams of a new year.

Cheryl will be the first to admit that she is making a resolution. She’ll be ready when that clock strikes midnight to test her will and take the first step to being the sexual self she has always wanted to be. Because of this hoped for act she turned down many offers of fun and festivities this new year’s eve. Instead, she got dressed in just a coat with a sexy slip underneath. She’d researched this bar hoping it would attract the people she wants to attract.

The minutes tick away and Cheryl seems confident in her choice.

As she is there alone and everybody else is in full-on party mode, no notices as she slowly unbuttons her sleek, black covering. The minutes turn to seconds and Cheryl readies herself. She has strategically placed herself near a table with 3 bottles of bubbly. There won’t be a second chance or a second to waste.

When no more than thirty seconds remain, Cheryl gives one last thought to her plan. While she may wonder in her head if she can pull this off, her cunt betrays those thoughts. She can already feel how hot and wet it is. And those feeling override her brief second guessing.

Ten seconds left and everyone else in the place chants the countdown. Using that distraction, Cheryl drops her coat to the floor, gives one of the bottles a shake and props herself on the edge of a table.

“3”—Time to do it!
“2”—I’ve wanted this for so long!
“1”—Look at me everyone!

Just as the whole bar rings out in a chorus of “Happy New Year!” Cheryl gives the bottle one last shake, pulls her soaking panties aside and pops the cork to the bottle. Cold, frothy liquid explodes all over her pussy. But the chill up her spine is not from the booze. As soon as the champagne hits her clit, a rocket bursts over her body and she has a quick, intense orgasm. So quick that it has already peaked by the time the bottle begins to run low of it’s load.

Surveying the room, Cheryl sees that some of the revellers had indeed taken in her exhibition of self-pleasure. One guy even turned away from a woman mid-kiss to take it in. And this attention is exactly what Cheryl had hoped for. She wanted to turns heads, drop jaws, inflame desires. She wanted her action to be on everyone’s lips and in their minds. She wanted to turn people on as she never had before.

And now that it was done, she blushed a most satisfied grin, grabbed her coat and ran out in to the night laughing “Happy 2014!”