Sex Schoolin’: Hot for Teachers December 2013

Welcome back to my monthly introduction of sex educators and sexologists I follow and read. These are the folks who are getting us the information about sex that we need, whether we are sharing that information with others or learning ourselves.

Role call!

Cynthia is the sex television hostess with the mostest! She is one of the big reasons I, personally have pursued sex as a bit more than a hobby. I used to watch her past show Sex Matters all the time and I just love her videos. Cynthia reminds me a lot of the legendary Sue Johanson in how she presents important sex information. She can be fun, sassy, serious or all of the above at the same time.

Dr. Ruthie
Dr. Ruthie’s videos are an absolute treasure of sex education. If I am ever going to speak publicly on a sex-related topic, I check and see if Ruth has put up a video about it. Because then I know I’ll have all the facts straight. And she presents the information in such a good-natured, simple way. Nothing over-the-top, just a camera and a person who knows. An essential resource. And she’s helping guide the Guelph Sexuality Conference! Amazing!
Claire Litton
Claire co-organizes Montreal’s Masturbate-a-thon. Enough said, eh? Well, it could be because that alone is a fantastic feat in helping people own their self-pleasure and removing stigma about masturbation. But that isn’t all. Claire’s writing it so strong, so brilliant. She contributes to Nerve and Matador with great pieces. She’s also not afraid to challenge the status quo in sex spaces—which, to me, is a key trait of any educator.

Ashley Manta
I am currently enthralled by Ashley’s recent, fantastic writing about her move into working as a phone sex operator—but she is so much more than that. As a sex positive educator and coach, Ashley lays herself out to earn the trust and confidence of those she is helping. She shares her own struggles, but not in a way that distracts. Instead, she tells her her issues in a way that teaches and helps. Her’s is the voice of experience and compassion.