The Hook-up: We Love Good Sex

Introducing We Love Good Sex
If there is one thing I appreciate in creative process, it is a true DIY attitude. Even moreso when your endeavour is porn. After reading Lucie Blush‘s We Love Good Sex and enjoying her first porn short, my love for DIY grows even more.  
What made you start We Love Good Sex?

My long-term boyfriend and I broke up about a year ago. It made me think about relationships and sex, and about how exploring sexuality could lead to happier and healthier relationships with others and, first, with yourself. But how to explore your sexuality? There is so little material for women to identify with and be stimulated by. I thought I would dig in and find all the great content that’s out there, and also, create it myself!

What, to you, is Good Porn?
Good porn is not about gender, it’s not about categories or body types. Good porn should wake something up in you and trigger your sexual desires. I have nothing against the mainstream porn in itself, but I think most of it reduces sex to a mechanical and short affair, whereas porn should be able to make you feel much more pleasure and help you know more about yourself, instead of maintaining it to the strict minimum. Moreover, good porn should respect the audience as well as the actors, and spread a healthy image of our bodies, because sex is for everybody.

Who are your porn inspirations?
I worked with Erika Lust for a more than a year, and it was a great experience. I participated in the shooting of her latest film, Cabaret Desire, and I was really impressed with the quality of her movies. We definitely have different styles, but she sure is an inspiration. I also love Ms. Naughty’s work filming real couples, I agree with her completely on filming genuine passion.

How did you conceive Alice Inside, your first film?
Alice Inside is very… “DIY”. I’m a little of a control freak, and I always want to do everything myself. I shot everything with my iPhone (which I tuned up with very cool gear), and I was lucky to be introduced to Aura and Isi who are friends of a friend of mine. Everything was shot in my old apartment, in about four hours. It was August in Barcelona, and the heat was almost unbearable. It was a great experience, we ended up exhausted but very happy with the result.

Did you have an emotional reaction to making Alice Inside?
I’ve always had projects in my head, I’m always designing a new website or thinking of a new app (I’m a Web Designer, initially). But I never really found anything that I actually wanted to express. Until I started the site and made the film. I felt this great satisfaction: “I did it”. There are a million things that I need to learn and improve, but I am very proud of participating and doing something concrete in the feminist porn world. Besides, being able to film the passion between the two actors was a very cool moment.

Your site covers so many different aspects of sexuality. Is there anything missing that you hope to include?
Well, I don’t want to lose the focus on the main mission of the blog, which is to find good quality videos every day, which is really hard work! Good content is hard to come by, and for now, I am happy to post everything that I like, and that turns me on. I would also like to include more news about ethical porn, because many people are perplexed about it. Of course, I have more projects and sites that I want to build around it.

Are you open about your work with friends and family?
I am, with my friends, they might even be a bit tired of me talking about it all the time… For me, sex and porn are not a taboo anymore, and I’m lucky to have great friends who tell me about their own views and opinions, and they’re always supporting me. With my family, it’s another story… They have this very fixed idea of what porn is, and I think they’re worried, like all parents. But it’s only the beginning, and one day I hope they realize how cool and healthy it is.

What can we look forward to from you in the future?
I’m going to make many more sex toys reviews, and I’m in the process of creating my own adult cinema. I want to make a lot of films and work with different people, and, as always, I have lots of ideas for new websites, to help making good porn more accessible to people and provide more content to both men and women.