Sex Schoolin’: Red Hot Touch: Exquisite Anal Massage

Red Hot Touch: Exquisite Anal Massage

When it comes to anal sex, it really is all about the preparation. If fact, I’d go out on a limb and say that anal foreplay might even be more exciting than the main course! Well…okay, it is all great!

In preparing for my upcoming workshop on prostate pleasure, I was delighted to find Jaiya’s Red Hot Touch: Exquisite Anal Massage because it contains sections specifically for introducing men and women to anal touch. They are fairly similar, but there are differences and this is a great addition to the knowledge that is already out there.

Of course, a major difference is the discussion of the man’s prostate and the woman’s g-spot. Jaiya does explain how a g-spot can be stimulated through anal play and she does provide and excellent description of prostate stimulation. But there are other subtle things throughout each section that are fantastic aides in getting to know the ins and outs of men’s and women’s butts.

One in particular is the mention, though fleeting, of the idea of stigma. As a men is massaged and becomes relaxed, he will hopefully lose societally-ingrained thoughts about his ass being played with. This is a key thought for many men, and something that keeps them away from ass play. Hopefully pleasure trumps preconceived notions, but taking time, talking, being in the right position and care can definitely help along the way.