The Hook-up: Kink, etc.

Introducing Kink, etc.

When I started putting a significant effort into this blog, I knew I was looking for something. When I started approaching other sex bloggers, I was hoping for some community.

Lori and Hubby of Kink, etc. are the type of community I was looking for. They are warm, welcoming, friendly and always sharing great advice and reviews from their own sexual journey. Their site offers so much, let’s get to know them more.

How did you get into blogging?
About two years ago we stumbled upon Eden Fantasys and after a while of hanging out in the forums we started writing reviews of the toys we bought. This led to us writing articles for sexis social. After a while we wanted to share more and branch out from Eden Fantasys, so we started a humble little Blogger blog around November of 2012.

You have so many sections on your site! What are your favourites to work on these days?
I love variety and I feel like we have a lot share. Yet, I always worry about boring my readers by posting too much at one time on only one or two subjects. This keeps me on my toes and constantly conscious about what I write when. My favorite area to write is sharing about our personal experiences. As much as I enjoy writing, the favorite part of my blog is my photography and self-rope bondage. I find inspiration in everything and I’m always anxious for Sinful Sunday or Wicked Wednesday to share my latest shots.

What activities were your entry points into the world of kink?
Sex toys, spanking, and prostate massage

Kink has become more popular in the mainstream. Do you think this will last?
I really hope it will. No matter what others think about 50 Shades of Grey, I’m thrilled that couples now feel comfortable to explore new pleasures and their sexual desires. However, I fear that it will fade away as the 50 shades of fad.

What is the best toy you’ve reviewed lately?
Tantus Vibrating Velvet Harness

Are there some kink activities/culture that you haven’t tried yet but that you are eager to try?
I would really like to experience a dungeon-type play area and create an intense scene. Hubby and I tend to go with the flow and we don’t negotiate scenes. I think creating a scene together would be so much fun.

Are you ever nervous about giving sex advice?
All the time. It’s my biggest fear that someone will misinterpret something and have a bad experience. The goal of our blog is to help other middle-aged couples take the journey into sexual exploration. And encourage the younger generation to have fun now and learn what they like and don’t like. I try to research and make sure that what I share is accurate and when things can be unsafe, I’m always conscious about adding safety information.

How do you come up with your Kink of the Week topic?
Kink of the week is posts that I write for Jade’s Kink of the Week Memes. When a topic inspires me I try to share our thoughts or experiences with the subject. I really enjoy this Memes because it challenges me to look at our play and share something that will be relevant for our readers.

What can we look forward to from you and your site in the future?
I really want the site to be very fluid and develop over time into a resource and sort of tell-all about kink for those who don’t live the life style of bdsm. Plus, I’d love for my photos to grow and become more creative in my photo shoots.

Right now I’m working on a new addition to the site. Lori’s Corner. It’s going to be a section where readers can find unveiled stories about my past and the things that have brought me to where I am now. I’ve added the first instalment to this area and with the encouragement and support of a great friend, I’ve decided that it’s time to open up and share the good, bad and ugly of my diverse life. Going from a stripper to a practicing Orthodox Jewish house wife in the process of converting and now into a sex blogger and erotic photographer. It’s been a heck of a journey. My perceptions of things are changing and I’m becoming a new person again through our blog. My stories, I hope, will be a way that everyone can get to know me better and follow us as we discover all sorts of new things.