The Hook-up: Fuckblogging

Introducing Fuckblogging
The couple that blogs together…does a whole lot of sexy stuff together!
Venice and Ryan share details and experiences. They share curiosity, excitement and confusion. They are learning and exploring, and invite you along on their journey. 

How did you get into sex blogging?
Ryan: I suggested that Venice blog about her thoughts because she was changing so much and she tended to communicate better when she wrote things out.
Venice: I really started to sex blog for Ryan to read, I just shared it with the world. Like mature people, we spent countless hours talking, pinpointing our weak points, and problem-solving. We found that communication was, and still is, the best way to hash things out between us. Blogging was the ideal way to keep our relationship on its toes. Why? Blogging, writing, and site maintenance take a lot of work. So does marriage. Why not join the two? It keeps my mind on my husband, my marriage, and finding ways to keep our love flowing, whether it’s through sharing our ideas on love and sex, or whether it’s critiquing celebrity sex tapes.

Do either of you take the lead on what you post on the blog?
Venice: We both do. If I have an idea about something, I’ll ask Ryan to provide his own input and opinion.
Ryan: Our blog is run by a couple, so it makes senses to have both opinions. Other times she writes something completely from her perspective, or I from my own.

What has been the best feedback you’ve received?
Venice: When we first started blogging, a gentleman who’s been married nearly 30 years wrote us to say thanks for sharing our thoughts and ideas. It was really touching to know that our journey in discovering new things about each other is seen by those who’ve been married much longer than us. It leads me to believe that we can all be taught no matter how well-together you think (or others think) your marriage is.
Ryan: I enjoy hearing the thoughts of others with whom we don’t necessarily agree, i.e. people with different sexual lifestyles and preferences. It just goes to show that your openness encompasses a variety of people even if your beliefs are different from theirs.

You’ve recently introduced a photo section! What prompted this fantastic addition?
Ryan: Actually we have posted photos from our very first week blogging. Photos and videos have been a huge part of our blog, especially the “tutorials on how to deepthroat”. The photos along with the articles just made sense. The new section we did add was Snapshot Wednesdays. This section is supposed to be those special photos that capture Venice and I as a loving couple.
Venice: We write together, we also pose together.

Who do you look to for sexual inspiration?
Ryan: I look at an old couple in their 80s still holding hands and smiling at each other. That is my inspiration and my goal in life.
Venice: I watch porn and try to one-up everyone on it. Women and men.
Ryan: I’m being serious.
Venice: So am I!

Your sexual journey is currently taking a big step forward. How are you currently feeling about the possibility of a threesome?
Ryan: The blog is technically behind. We’ve written articles and memoirs about our threesome journey but decided not to blog them. Maybe we were superstitious, or maybe we didn’t want our possible threesome partners to see our thoughts.
Venice: Some may be a bit too scary or personal. The threesome has happened so this portion of our blog will have a happy ended fort hose that are following along, lol

Do you have any specific criteria when you pick a question to respond to with your Q&A?
Ryan: Actually, some of the questions are asked to us in other places, for instance, we help maintain a marriage forum (no real sexual content). We get questions and get permission to use those questions we like on our own blog. Some are sent directly us. We have no real criteria other than the questions have to make sense. If you ask us about making love to a farm animal, we pretty much won’t blog that.
Venice: We’re open, but we stay away from that.

Do you think you’ll still be writing this block in another decade?

Venice: I can only hope Ryan and I will be blogging in a decade.
Ryan: Maybe do reviews on which Depends adult diaper absorbs the best and which brand of supplemental drink has the most nutrients. It will be amazing.

What can we look forward to in the near future?
Ryan: Hopefully we will be blogging about what it’s like to have sex on the hood of a car that hovers.
Venice: Maybe guest starring Michael J. Fox.