Sex Stuff: The Unknown Flogger

If you know me, you know that I am all about DIY culture and creation. If you have doubts, check out this and these and this.

For me, the fall season means zine fair time! Time to make new things, discover new things and spend great times behind a table hawking my sex wares.

I’ve been going two zine and craft fairs for about 15 years. These days there are two main events I get out to: Canzine in Toronto and Expozine in Montreal. And I will be at both this year!

Not only do I go to these events because I love them, but I also go to represent sex culture in a space that is predominantly not sexual. Now, I’m not usually the only sexual exhibitor. There are usually a handful of us. And it was from one of these sexy people that I bought one of my favourite sex toys of all time.

This little flogger has been a great addition to my tickle trunk. I’ve used it for some hot and fun times. Made out of recycled bicycle tires, it carries a just enough of a nasty little sting. I’ve used it on others and it has been used on me and I never tire (ha ha) of the pleasure it brings.

It has also endured! When I bought it, I thought it might fall apart fairly quickly. Now, I’m not a hardcore flogging machine so it doesn’t get massive wear and tear, but not a single strand has fallen off and the handle is wound just as tight as when I bought it.

So, the mystery remains. I know I bought it at Expozine. From whom? Not sure. Not a clue! It was probably eight years ago. Although, I am pretty sure it cost just $5.

I really wish I knew the freaky friends who created it! Every year I’ve been back to the fair and I haven’t seen them since. Maybe they’ve made more awesome toys!

If, by chance you know you made this fine DIY sex product, give them my thanks.