Muse Monday: My Own Pair

Classic Y-front briefs get a bit of a bad rap. Sure, they’re more of a utility underwear, but they can be awfully sexy. I think they need to be reclaimed, especially where they contribute to hot images like this, which I found via BiggerHarderFaster.

My Own Pair

I heard the excitement in his voice. He always gets hard just thinking about me in new panties. That is his thing, and I love that about him. Usually I love to pick out new frilly, lacy, silky underthings to drive him wild, but this time I went for something different.

He just doesn’t know that yet.

I called him at work, shortly before he was due to leave. He was rushing, and I could tell he really just wanted to get me off the phone so he could finish up. Until I told him. Then there was a deep breath and an audible gulp on the other end.

“What colour are they?”


“I’ll be there shortly.”

Usually he’s a boxers sort of man. But every once in a while, usually when he exercises, he’ll switch to briefs. Classic, y-front briefs. Whenever I see that he’s worn these, and they’re lying around after, I slip them on and wear them around the house. They’re so comfortable!

“Get your own,” he jokes. While these may not be the panties he envisions me in, I don’t think he minds when I slip my fingers through the opening.

“But I like yours.”

I prepare for his arrival and can’t wait for him to see. Wearing nothing but my purchase, I can’t help but think of how he’ll react. Now, my briefs fit a little differently. They aren’t loose and bulky. They don’t have extra room in the crotch. In fact, as I run my fingers over my lips, I realize just how tight they squeeze my cunt.

There isn’t an opening in this pair, but if there were, my fingers would be in there. Instead I let my fingers linger on my belly, just above the elastic. And that is how he finds me as the door opens.

He is completely surprised, but his face and bulging pants give away his excitement.

“I got my own pair.”