Muse Monday: Extended Pleasure

Everybody has a different opinion on nipples, whether it be ambivalent or completely specific. And even among those who have distinct taste in nipples, there are some who like small, big, pointy, etc.

The only type of nipple I really like are the ones that are near me. My mouth, specifically. I also do enjoy looking at them and this image I found via Marie Rebelle had my mouth watering.

Extended Pleasure

I just want to lick. And suck. And watch.

She let’s me watch.

But every time I move closer to her, she laughs and pulls away.

“They’re very sensitive,” Alison giggles. “If I let you touch them, I might get carried away.”

She takes her teasing seriously.

We continue to drink wine and she makes no move to cover her breasts. My best friend’s girlfriend, new to my acquaintance, has no issue with turning me on. But will she let me act on this? My own nipples swell and harden in my bra. Not like her’s though.

Alison caught me looking as we came in from the cool, autumn night. I enjoy inviting friends to the cottage. Food, wine, a fire and then off to bed with the damp sheen of country air on your cheeks. But as soon as I saw Alison in that clingy dress, I knew I’d be damp in other ways.

My friend and husband are still off throwing rocks into the water. Some boys never grow up. They are also completely drunk and may be out there for hours. Or they might come back any moment. I don’t want that. Even if I don’t get to touch, I want to look at Alison’s nipples more.

When she caught me looking she smirked. We hadn’t spoken much, but we had had a few laughs throughout the afternoon. I could tell there is a spark in her, a bit of a wild side. So when she saw my eyes trained on her large, erect nipples, she raised her fingertips to them and touched gently.

“I bet you’d like to see them, wouldn’t you?” My mouth dropped open. “Is it because they’re so big and you’re interested in a freakshow way…or do you really like other women’s nipples.”

I was stunned and blushed twelve shades of red. I couldn’t speak. She figured it out quickly.

“Mmmmm…you just like them. Good. That’s what I was hoping.”

And with that she shocked me completely. I could tell she didn’t have a bra on all day, so that made it all the easier for her to gently lift each of her breasts out of the top of her dress. I still could not speak. I didn’t want to speak. I wanted to suck.

And now she’s teasing me. She’s worried about getting carried away, but I’m not. I would love to take her nipples in my mouth, right her, and work her clit with my fingers. I want to make her cum while I suck on her. I want her to hold the back of my head as wave after wave of pleasure crashes over her body. I squirm at the thought.

And then I see more of that wild side. Taking a beautiful tit in each hand, she comes over to me. Being very careful to not let me touch them, she removes one hand and brazenly reaches under my dress. Her fingers immediately find my soaking cunt. I gasp and moan as she quickly slips two fingers into me.

But just as quickly, she takes them away. I feel empty and shocked. I look at her with sexual urgency. But she just steps back, takes those dripping fingers and rubs them all over her amazing nipples. Her head goes back, a moan escapes her lips and she shudders.

To my utter surprise, she is getting off on this. I think she might actually cum just from playing with her tits! I desperately want to join her so my fingers replace hers in my cunt and I furiously rub my clit. My own explosion is not far behind hers as we each take care of our sensitive spots.

“I…told…you…” she moans, and somehow her nipples look even bigger now. “I…told…you…they’re…very…”

Her gasping voice push me over the edge and orgasmic pleasure washes over me. I buck against my hand, fighting the urge to close my eyes and throw my head back. I want to see her cum…and she does.

“…sensitive…” She moans out the last word as her knees nearly buckle underneath her. She gasps through her orgasm, working to catch her breath. As she calms, she looks me in the eyes for a long, lingering second. And she smiles.

We hear the guys coming up the path so she quickly pulls her dress up. Before they reach the door she reaches out her finger and puts it on my lips. One of the fingers she had in me. It parts my lips and finds my tongue.

“Next time…this.”

He’d better not screw this relationship up.