Sex Schoolin’: Hot For Teachers Sept 2013

Once a month I am going to use this column to introduce you to the sex educators and sexologists I followand read. These are the folks who are getting us the information about sex that we need, whether we are sharing that information with others or learning ourselves.

Role call!

Dr. Trina Read
If you’ve ever been to this blog before then you know how much I adore the work of Dr. Trina Read. Through her site VivaXO and her frequent contributions to CBC, Huffington Post and other outlets, Trina offers honest and relatable sex ed for people of all knowledge levels. She also publishes the work of other great sex writers.

Dr. Justin Lehmiller
Sometimes you really want to know figures and data when it comes to your sex info. And one of the best suppliers of references and hard facts is Dr. Justin Lehmiller with his great blog. All of that might be a little intimidating and academic-sounding, but Justin’s writing is silky smooth!

Carlyle Jansen
There is only one word to describe Toronto’s Carlyle Jansen: Legend. The wonderful proprietor of the excellent sex shop Good For Her has been providing outstanding sex education for so long it is hard to imagine Toronto without her. And from that great shop she not only hosts but also facilitates a great line up of sex workshops.

Reid Mihalko
I think Reid Mihalko is the everyman of sex education. Funny, engaging and wildly inventive in how he gets his sex-positive message out to audiences, be it live or on his site. And love audiences love him! Maybe it is his humour, maybe it is his tremendous understanding of all things sex. Maybe it is that smile. Whatever it is, you can’t go wrong at one of his workshops.