Muse Monday: In The Stacks

This is for all of you who spend time in libraries! I found this fantastic photo on Frilaif’s Twitter and immediately thought of all of the fantasy scenarios I dreamed up when I should have been studying or working in the library.

In The Stacks

Who hasn’t had a library fantasy?

It is the perfect place to daydream, to look around, to peak your eyes over the top of your book, hoping to glance that beautiful someone.

I had all of the thoughts. I spend so much time at the library researching my region for the local historical society. People come and go. There are a number of us regulars. Some of them have even connected and hooked up—though I am not sure if those physical connections happened at the library proper.

I always hoped I’d be seduced by a complete stranger. She’d see me reading, and tease me by looking at books all around me. Tight black dress, long, beautiful hair. Stockings and heels.

And obviously smart. Because she is so close, I can see her book selections. She would definitely invigorate both my heads.

But it is clear she is here for me. Too many stolen glances, too many shy smiles when I catch those looks. I wonder if she will ever make a move…

As soon as I think it, I look up to see her standing next to me. Those beautiful legs are so close to my face. I can only think of how much I want to bury my face right between her thighs.

“Can you please help me with something?” she coos. With those words she parts her legs, just enough…just enough…

She asks for help finding articles about the settlement of the area. Was she scoping out my work? Could she tell what I was working on? 
As I get up, she leans forward, out bodies just barely touching. I blush and she laughs. A couple other library patrons look at us disapprovingly. Instead of backing down, she takes my hand and asks me to show the way. 
I guide her to the section that will offer the best results. After handing her a couple books I think will be most useful, she quickly peruses them, then sets them back on the shelf. With a smirk on her face she pushes me back against the stacks and grabs my cock. I can’t even make a noise, I am just so shocked. 
Leaning in, she whispers in my ear “Thanks for the help, let me help you now.” With that, she removes her hand from the outside of my pants and quickly slips in it. I look around to see if we’re being watched, but I don’t think she will care. Instead, her soft fingers encircle my cock and stroke me vigorously. 
“I know you’ve always wanted something like this. And I know you want me. Show me how you cum, baby.”
I can barely breathe. My cock is so hard in her hand. She strokes me so hard and fast the change in my pocket jingles along with the rhythm. I briefly wonder what will happen if we get caught, but those thoughts are pushed to the side by my impending orgasm. 
When it hits I push back against the books, shaking the shelves slightly. My mouth opens in a silent moan as I coat her hand and my shorts with hot cum. She pumps me dry, making sure I get full pleasure. 
As my breath returns, she pulls her hand out and gives me a kiss on the cheek. With a little wave and a mouthed ‘thank you’ she grabs her books, turns and heads to the check out desk. 
I can’t believe what has just happened. I return to my seat and let my brain drift off…
“Sir, sir, you’ll have to wake up now. You can’t sleep here.” 
I am startled awake. The librarian stands in front of me, ands on hips, frown on face. Embarrassed, I gather my things and carry them out, binders covering the wet spot on my pants.