Sex Stuff: Marie from Bar Kompa

Marie from Bar Kompa

So, a guy walks into a bar, and the bartender says “What can I get ya?”
And the guys says, “You, of course!”

Who hasn’t had this fantasy? If you’re the patron, you hope to sidle up to grab a drink and be entirely taken by a super sexy server. Or, if you’re the one slinging those shots, how often do you hope for a dreamy drinker to come in?

From this base of fantasy Anne Simon has crafted Marie from Bar Kompa, a hot and steamy encounter that only happens because a guy goes into a bar.

Beyond the erotic appeal of a server/patron hookup, this fantastic short story has the added element of stranger sex. When Marie decides to leave with James, we get to live out the hot and fevered passion of two strangers who can’t keep their hands off each other. However, what makes the story particularly endearing is that Simon does limit her characters’ interactions to just fantastic fucking and amazing orgasms. Instead, she keeps them “real” by including many little awkward and uncomfortable details. This gives the story true suspense and builds anticipation—making it even hotter!

Simon also approaches their sexual interactions in creatively subtle ways. This isn’t your typical hit the hotel for a bang story. Instead, Marie from Bar Kompa features some excellent slow build and unique scenes. Simon’s writing style, at times langourous and at others staccato is a wonderful compliment to the elements of her story.

While Marie from Bar Kompa may start off like a ‘guy walks into a bar’ joke, it is anything but. Hot, fun, relatable and sexy as a martini glass, this is another winner from Fleshbot Fiction.