Muse Monday: Come Closer

Would you ever consider being collared? Or would you like to bestow that honour on someone else? This hot image by Eric got me thinking these questions. As part of #adultsexedmonth, take a read here to learn more about the meaning and significance of a collar.

Come Closer

I wasn’t about to let him get away with it. I wasn’t about to let him get the upper hand. He had no idea…

Never, ever, had anyone laid their hands on me in any way other than in love, reverence or pleasure. To have his hand strike my bare skin, my exposed ass in such a way was entirely unacceptable. Oh, he may have liked it, look at him over there giggling away. But I won’t tolerate it.

His little game is going to cost him his freedom.

I gather myself, pull my demeanour back together. To overpower him I’ll need to demonstrate all of my strength. I don’t think I’ll have to physically take him, but I am prepared for that if necessary.

Finger outstretched and curling toward me, I beckon him. He’s justifiable wary, peering at me, but still with a smirk on his face. C’mere you, I’ll wipe that cocky smile off of there.

I turn my back for him for just a moment, feigning looking for a tissue in the nightstand. He takes that opportunity to smack my exposed ass again. Pause, deep breath. You’ll get what’s coming to you, boy, don’t you worry. Having found what I need, I turn back to him, careful to conceal his new accessory.

This time, I put a pout on (I can play the part of the damsel in distress) and it encourages him a little closer. Playing it up, I quiver my lips and tell him how much he’s hurt my bottom. Then, lifting myself up on my knees I ask him if he’ll please come rub my poor, hurt bottom. The smile that crosses his face let’s me know I’ve got him.

He scurries over and we embrace, on our knees on the bed. I wrap one arm around him and pull him close. His hands immediately descend on my ass, rubbing the ignoble welts he left behind. As he gets more and more absorbed in fondling my cheeks, I slowly move my hand up his back. The other, which I’d draped to my side, follows suit. I don’t let the leather or spikes touch him yet.

I will admit he makes my ass feel better, but his impertinence cannot go unpunished. As his cock grows hard against my belly and his fingers start to explore elsewhere I pull his lips to mine in a deep kiss. One hand grabs the back of his neck, the other lingers close by. Once his cock is fully hard and pushing desperately against me, I act fast.

The collar slips around his neck so easily and he doesn’t have time to react before I’ve fastened it securely. I grab him by both the collar and his stiff dick. The look on his face is priceless.

“You are now mine. You’ll never do that again. Understand?” I give a twist of the collar to increase it’s pressure. “And if you ever smack my ass again, I’m going to do so much worse than this.” I spank his cock as hard as I can, sending it bobbing him making him grimace. His eyes are filled with all of fear, devotion and desire.

“Now, get me a glass of wine. We need to talk.”