Sex Stuff: The Pleasure Plug 1 and Sliquid

Something I look for in a butt plug is whether or not I can move with it in. And I don‘t just mean shift around the bed during sexy time. I mean really move around.

Take tonight for example. I was feeling like a bit of bum fin, but we still had to walk the dog. And no, that isn‘t a euphemism. Real dog, real walk. So I cracked open my new Happy Valley Pleasure Plug 1, applied some Sliquid and set off on a journey to exercise the pooch and return my library books.

Sure that doesn‘t sound very sexy but I lovr walking around with a plug in that nobody knows about. I love the sensations created by walking, both in my ass and by the base between my cheeks.

And this toy did not disappoint! It is the perfect addition to my collection. It is a great size and stays nestled up there very well. That it is also Fuze‘s trademark high-grade silicone is a great bonus.

Another new addition that aided this adventure was the Sliquid lube. It is so smooth and slick and this particular verion is organic. I don‘t participate in anal play as much as I‘d like lately, so I always brace for a little resistence when I start back up. Fortunately, it was a nice and easy insertion and then a hot and sexy walk. Followed by some further shenanigans at home.

Two great products in one night!