Sex Stuff: TENGA Flip Air Light

TENGA Flip Air Lite

I love the ingenuity at TENGA! I don’t always love the toys, personally, but this compnay has definitely revolutionized the sex toy industry for men. And the Flip Air Lite is a tremendous addition to any guy’s cock rockin’ roster.

What I like so much about this toy is exactly what I didn’t enjoy about the Flip Hole–the texture. That toy’s cuddly bits were too varied and some were too coarse. Not so with the Flip Air Lite. I slipped right into it and had a fantastic and comfortable time. The Air Lite feels softer and more subtle. I tried both slow and gentle and hard and rough. If you’ve got enough lube in there, this brilliant, stylish device can take it. It also feels amazing when used on you by someone else. It is not a criticism that I didn’t enjoy the Flip Hole, rather it is a testament to the fact that there are many different men out there who all have different masturbatory techniques and preferences. Watch videos of guys jerking off–everyone is different. While it might be difficult, given their price point, you’re encouraged to try different models to find the right one. But be assured, TENGA is the brand to trust.