Sex Stuff: Taking Flight, Taking Rides

The humour wasn’t lost on me that I read most of these fun and titillating stories while riding various types of transportation. Subway and commuter train, to be precise. And I can definitely say that I have fantasied and dreamed up some wonderful stories. Add to that my drives, my bike rides and the occasional plane trip, and I think it can be said with certainty that erotic stories that involve travel are “my thing.”

So it was a delight to receive this request to review from one of my favourite sex bloggers, Ms. Quote. I know her work to be top quality and extremely readable. In both her blog and this collection she skillfully combines whimsy, sensuality, dirty sex and emotion. A rare combination in erotica!

Throughout Taking Flight, Taking Rides, Ms. Quote explores the travel theme with various different sultry and sexy characters heading out on journeys for various different reasons including business, family visits and more. There are all sorts of weather issues, room issues and relationship issues to be dealt with. And what’s the best way to deal with most of life’s issues?

Sex. And these stories have lots of it! Really good, steamy hot sex. Well crafted and delicious sex!

I thoroughly enjoyed the collection, but I do need to send one bit of advice to Ms. Quote: make friends with a copy editor. There are some instances of misplaced text, some typos and other issues. In this instance, it isn’t too distracting, but erotica is rife with these problems and they can be easily avoided.

But back to what matters, the smut! If you like to travel, literally or in your mind, get on board this sexual journey!