Sex Stuff: Shelly Watching

Shelly Watching is a specific type of erotica that I really enjoy. Equal parts sexy and indifferent, author Howard Raymond pulls together a simple story that actually is more complex than we‘re lead to believe.

What makes this story so hot for me? The sex in it is masturbation. Just wanking. And just one instance. Extended and detailed scenes of masturbation, particularly male batin‘, is rare in erotica. Usually it is just a transition act, building to something else. But Howard Raymond combines an intense and hot jerking scene with voyeur/exhibitionisn and an awkward/tense situation.

And throughout the scene, you feel the story start to take a turn. One that is drawn out so well.
Shelly Watching is another great addition to the Fleshbot Fiction line, where I think we‘ll keep finding quality erotica.