Muse Mondays: It’s a Dirty Job

Sometimes it all comes down to luck. Pippa May followed me recently, and being the good lurker I am, I perused the fantastic images she’s collected. So many to choose from, but yeah, this one just jumped out. I like sex at work fantasies and activities and hope this comes true for someone, somewhere.

It’s a Dirty Job
I hate working the overnight shift at the gym. It is rarely busy and usually the only people who are there are leering, gross-looking men. There are a few women who work here and because they always want at least one person of each gender on site at all times, we have to rotate through weeks and each take a turn working graveyard once a month.

And this is my week. So far it has been dull, which I guess is better than disgusting. No pervs, no gawkers. I’m not sure who really wants to work out in the middle of the night anyway, but there are some and we do try to make them happy. Even if we aren’t.

One thing I have noticed is that women rarely come here at night. So, that is one perk. We’re required to thoroughly clean the change rooms every shift and with no women here, my job is a snap. Sometimes I disappear in there with a book or my phone for a good while. The guys all know what’s happening but there’s nothing they can do about it—and I love that.

I’ve just wheeled the cleaning cart into the room when I am startled by the sound of the shower running. Very odd considering I hadn’t noticed any women come in. Fearing the worst—that some guy has decided to use the ladies room instead, I steel up my courage and stop toward the sound of the water.

And when I turn the corner, I stop.

And stare.

And open my mouth.

But they don’t see me. They’re too busy. They’re too busy to see me or notice me because they’re fucking! Going at it! Naked and hot and steamy and wet!

I duck back around the corner, my heart racing behind my breasts. Two women, in the shower together, lips, hands and more all over the place!

That’s just…so…I mean…what are they thinking…that’s just…so…


So damn hot.

In that split second of shock and surprise I’d managed to take in a lot of skin, a lot of sexy and now my panties were soaked. I didn’t even need to touch my cunt, I could feel myself dripping.

And I want to see more.

Tentatively, I peek back around the corner. They are still lost in their lust and oblivious to my presence. Enough steam is also coming out of their stall to put a fine mist in the air. Both are leaning back and jutting their hips forward to grind against each other’s pussies. Their moans are audible now…and mine would be too if I weren’t trying so hard to stifle it.

I can’t help myself as my hand slips into my pants. So wet, so warm, so needy. My clit sticks out, begging for attention. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, I stroke it hard and fast. My fingers make tight circles over and over, as my eyes remain transfixed on the two babes. As they get closer to their own cums—which didn’t take long—I felt my knees starting to buckle and shake.

I couldn’t hold back anymore. I hand was a whir of masturbatory delight and I struggled to keep my eyes open and on them. Just as my own orgasm hit I could see the two of them buck and shake in sweet delight. I worked my fingers that little bit more and definitely could not shut down a deep and satisfied moan.

Just as my breathing was beginning to return, the water turned off and I panicked. I pulled my hand out of my shorts and ran from the room. My cheeks were still flushed when I got to the front desk.

After a short while, one of my coworkers turned and said “Bathroom must have been really dirty, eh?”
I turned to look at him, my cheeks in full-on blush. From behind me a women’s voice giggled, “Don’t worry, she worked her fingers into all the right spots!” as the two of them walked out the door.