Muse Monday: DIY

Do It Yourself is something I live by. So many projects, so many life choices have been based on the DIY ethos. All kinds of sex toys and bondage equipment has been created this way too. So you can imagine my delight at finding this image on Monica’s Twitter. HOT!


I forgot.

Totally and completely.

See, we have this special day. It seems really silly, and even we laugh a lot about it, but we’ve been “celebrating” it for years. It’s new lingerie day and this year I forgot.

It all started about 10 years ago, simply enough. We were on a little road trip to and our crappy little motel room was cold. I didn’t bring any pyjamas so Dave offered to go out and get some for me. What he came back with wouldn’t have kept my toe warm! A stringy lacy thing which he explained was the “only thing he could find!” After some tense moments I put it on, partly out of spite. But once I got it on…well, we made up pretty quickly.

That started a great tradition of me going out to buy a new sexy item every year to commemorate that first time. I’ve come back with everything from leather to lace, chains to cotton. Every year it gets us both hot and we fuck until dawn.

Yet somehow, I managed to forget this year, and there’s just no time to get out and get something. MY eyes dart around the room—I’ll have to improvise.

In a panic I scan the room. Nothing looks like it’ll work. Just a bunch of everyday household objects. Until I spy the electrical tape. Hmmm…

I pull a strip off and apply it to my skin to test it. Okay, this will work, but only because I like to keep myself smooth and shaved. Glancing at the clock, I realize I’d better get moving on this sexy project and start cutting and sticking tape in a pattern of…well, I don’t know what. With every piece I smooth it over my skin, giving myself a little caress each time. With each piece, I turn myself on more and more.

Just as I’m putting the last piece on, I hear his lock in the key. Part of the tradition has also been for me to great him at the door so I grab a robe and rush down the stairs. I see his expectant smile and giggle. He’s got no idea what I’ve got hidden underneath the robe.

I’m too turned on to wait and can’t wait to see what he thinks of my do it yourself lingerie. The tape pulls on my skin as I descend to him. That pulling creates a delicious friction turning me on more and more. A drop of cum runs down my leg just as I pull away my covering.

He looks at me in complete surprise—mouth hanging open, eyes wide and cock instantly hard as a rock. He is also utterly speechless. I step forward, pulling the tape out of the robe pocket. With a devilish smile I pull out a long strip, wrap it around him and me and pull him close. After a deep kiss I whisper in his ear “looks like we’re all wrapped up…with somewhere to go.” And the two of us shuffle toward the living room…