The Hook-up: Symone Kitty Nelson

Introducing Symone Kitty Nelson

This may seem superficial, but I knew I’d like Kitty‘s blog because she’s in a costume. I love costumes. Then I read some solid content and got hooked.

How did you get into blogging?
I have actually been blogging for about two years now. At first it was just an outlet where I could be myself completely and write about my sexual side.

I had been blogging for other sites doing freelance, but this is my first try at my own blog. I love to write, I live to write, so this was an opportunity for a space for me to do just that.

Before my blog I was working for a sex toy company and would go and teach sex workshops and facilitate adult toy parties and it surprised me how little people knew about sex and how unfamiliar they were about even their own sexuality.

Getting the opportunity to teach what I know and to learn from my readers is so much fun.

Am I correct that your blog is fairly new? How do you like it so far?
Yes, my blog is only a couple of months old and I absolutely love writing for it. I love freelance and getting the opportunity to write and contribute to other blogs and publications, but having a blog that is my own where I can say what I feel and think without any kind of censors is amazing.

Tell us about your studies to become a sexologist/sex therapist?
I am pursuing a double major in psychology and sexuality studies. It’s amazing to, first of all, be in a complete course dedicated just to the world of human sexuality but even more amazing that myself and my peers can be so open about our interest and passion for everything sexual.

I was previously attending university as a journalism major to chase my love for writing but it was never about what I wanted to write or what inspired me.

My classmates would be chasing interviews with politicians while I would be handing in papers about exhibitionism and sex dungeons. It just wasn’t the best fit.

Do you have any inspirations in the field?
Jessica O’Reilly is definitely one of my inspirations and my mentor in the field. I have been interning with her the past year and she has taken me under her wing. She is an amazing woman who is even more amazing at her job and I’m most definitely learning from the best! I have co-facilitated a couple workshops with her and some of my work is published on her blog.

When I first left university to follow my passion for this field I was completely lost and didn’t know exactly where to start and Jessica has definitely put me on the right path, helping me meet the right people and she genuinely cares about my success.

What one personality trait will you bring into that experience that will most help your future clients?
I have been told I have the ability to make people feel comfortable which I think is extremely important when dealing with a subject matter that is such a sensitive topic to some. I want my future clients to feel like they can discuss their sexuality with me in complete honesty and openness and not have to feel feel the fear of being judged.

Also the fact that I love sex doesn’t hurt. I love it, I’m passionate about it and I want to help others have the best sex of their lives!

Which parts of the blog do you enjoy writing the most?
I definitely enjoy writing for the ‘sexperiences’ part of my blog. It’s like my little sexual diary where I tell the world my own sexual experiences in my journey to becoming a sex therapist and even just learning and discovering myself sexually.

Tell us about your “obsession” with Cat Woman?
Cat Woman is so fierce and powerful. If she wants to say it, she says it. If she wants to do it, she does it. Overall, she doesn’t give a fuck and I find that to be so sexy. I am also a comic nerd and out of all the sexy and alluring comic vixens out there she always stood out to me.

People began calling me “Kitty” when I was young because of my obsession and then when I began blogging I let the world in on that side of me.

I love your section dedicated to fetish and think it is important writing. What are some fetishes you plan to cover in the future?
I love that section too! So far I have only written about the fetishes and kinks that I have personal experience with. In the future I’d love to write about the fetishes that aren’t really well known (especially to me because I love to learn) and talked about, but for that I’d like interviews and opinions from people actually involved in them.

What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?
A lot more writing! I am also starting up an interview section where I will be interviewing people in the field of sexuality from writers, educators, porn stars, poets and everything in between.