Sex Stuff: Vanilla Chai Body Candy

I will be completely honest: when I get naked with someone, whether we are fucking or not, the scent I want in my nose is that of natural bodies. I want sweat, I wany cum. Perfumes and colognes rarely interest me, regardless of the situation.

I guess I just prefer intimacy to be more.

Usually this preference extends to massage products as well. I prefer a good, smoothy unscented product. Imagine my surprise in discovering how much I enjoy the strong scent of Good Clean Love’s Vanilla Chai Body Candy.

This body rub is quite pleasant. Chemical-free and made from all natural ingredients, the Vanilla Chai Body Candy is very nice on the skin. It warms and becomes slick easily, spreading over the skin seductively. It is both great as a massage rub and as a precursor to sexier events. One thing to note: it should not be used internally. 
But really, this body candy is so much about the smell. I’m not a fan of chai tea as a beverage, but I do very much enjoy the strong scent of this rub. It is powerful and heady—and just fills me with sexual energy. Very, very sexy stuff.
I will say, you really do need to like an overpowering scent if you want to try this body candy. It will fill the room. Delightfully, but amazingly.