Sex Stuff: TENGA Flip Hole White

The TENGA Flip Hole White (as well of the other assorted colours) are all kinds of awesome…and then a bit not awesome at the same time.

This is one of the most stylish and nice looking toys I’ve ever seen, without a doubt. It is one of those sex objects you could set on your bedside table and not have to worry about visitors noticing (if you care about these things.

It is also easy to use, easy to clean and easy to enjoy.

So what then, you might ask, is my issue with it? Well, I guess I had a different expectation of the toy. 
Don’t get me wrong, it feels good. Open it up, throw some lube in (it comes with 3 different flavours that produce different sensations) and go wild fucking yourself. I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic masturbatory experience!
My issue, however, is in the textures offered up. Each colour of TENGA Flip Hole offers different textured silicone casings. As you can see in the images, those textures vary quite a bit within each toy. My guess is that the design was to provide many different points of stimulation on the penis, including some that we surely don’t ever get with a partner. 
But that’s where it goes a bit wrong. Yes, the toy felt good…but I was expecting it to feel like a vagina or ass or mouth. And wow, it surely does not feel like any of those. Or, if I ever do encounter a living orifice that offers up these bumps and ridges and nubs…I will be concerned for the owner of that hole!
Again, this is not to say that the TENGA Flip Hole can’t be and isn’t enjoyable. I’ve used it since, and I am getting used to the idea that it is not supposed to be a simulation of the usual play spots. Maybe I just need to think of it as someone new!