Sex Stuff: Kissing Pixels

Kissing Pixels by Louise Lagris

Distance from a hot fuck can certainly make the heart grow fonder. But even if the heart isn’t really into it, if there’s been some hot sex, then other parts of us can definitely heat up.

If you’ve ever been all sexed up with no place to go except the web and Skype, then take a read of Louise Lagris’ short erotic story Kissing Pixels on Fleshbot’s new portal. This story is well-worthy of being one of the initial offerings of smut’s premiere site because embodies the universal story of long-distance lust, something most everyone can relate too.

The two participants of a sex-filled weekend are an ocean apart. She’s at home in a New York snow storm, wide awake late a night. Nowhere to go, no one to fuck and just a bit drunk. He’s just arriving home, much later at night from a night on the town in London. Despite a bit of reluctance on her part, they connect over Skype to see what the night may bring.

The key factor in this story is that it is completely believable. I mean, we might not all have random weekend trysts, but most people have fallen for or lusted after someone who lives out of town. And despite the “closeness” we might feel with digital communication, it just isn’t the same. Well, if you can manage to get the two of you naked over webcam…you’re getting closer.

Conveying that sort of situation can be tough, but Louise Lagris does a great job getting the reader right into the action with clever, fun, sexy writing. Erotica is all the more effective when it is well written and edited, and Kissing Pixels is a great example of economical, effective work. Combine that with some scorching sex and fun characters and you’ve got a great one-handed read.