The Hook-up: BRAD_Respawn

Introducing @BRAD_Respawn

Brad and I bonded over shared interests in sex toys and djing. Okay, I’m just an old school button pusher when it comes to spinning, but Brad is an up and coming dynamo (check out the links below) who also happens to write awesome reviews of sex toys for men.

What got you into blogging?
Actually my girlfriend Erika Szabo, who is the editor at got me into it. They needed male content for the blog and I have always been rather open about my sexuality, so it was a no brainer. Plus it was a great excuse to get more toys and and try some new things with my girlfriend as well!

And why sex?
I’ve always enjoyed sex and I’d like to think that I have always taken a positive approach to it. Plus, after Erika asked me to write for the blog, I started looking into content online for men and it was disturbingly lacking. I mean you can find product reviews online but where would you learn to do some thing like penis pumping or even something like prostate massage. I mean there is info out there but it is either presented in a very sterile or very extreme manner. I’m basically trying to fill the gap and give people (men especially) content that is informative but also fun, even sometimes a little goofy.

What are the sex blogs you like reading?
I really don’t read any sex blogs, unfortunately. I tend to read more blogs related to music or video games and their development. I do, however, very much enjoy reading Stoya’s blog. I like what she has to say (more often then not) and more importantly she is one of the only (still active) porn actress I have a crush on these days.

Why do you think there aren’t as many male sex bloggers as there are female sex bloggers?
I think it’s just that a lot of guys are still very uncomfortable with their sexuality. Most guys I talk to about writing for the blog tend to get all squirmy when I mention that I write reviews on things like prostate massagers or cock rings. I mean if you’re not comfortable pleasuring your self, how can you enjoy pleasuring some one else? I’ve also found that most guys who do sex blogs tend to have them centered on very specific topics, like a specific fetish or niche of porn which then only cater to a very specific audience. I found this one blog, where a guy videotaped himself ejaculating onto hentai figurines. It was certainly interesting but also not something I think many people are into.

What topics do you like writing about the most?
At this point I’m just really happy I’ve enjoyed writing as much as I have been. I was so bad at it in school and never really thought I’d get a chance to write about things I enjoyed, let alone having fun doing it too. I will say though I have very much enjoy writing product reviews, it has been great to be a small part of the ever evolving world of male sex toys.

Away from blogging, what are your interests?
I have always enjoyed playing video games and now work as QA Lead for a local iOS(iPhone/iPad) developer here in downtown Toronto. I have also recently joined the Future Shop Tech Blog as a guest blogger for gaming. So yeah, video games are a big part of my life. I have also always enjoyed music in many forms and recently I have been teaching myself how to DJ. This has really spiked a passion for electronic dance music for me. Especially Industrial, EBM and all of the sub sets of those genres.

Do you think you could ever combine your burgeoning dj career with sex?
I would very much one day like to DJ at one of Toronto’s many fetish nights but aside from that I’m really not to sure how I could combine the two. At this point I think its more important that I focus on honing my skills as a DJ and expanding my fan base. Maybe in a little while I could look into it but as of right now, I don’t even know where to start something like that.

What male-focused sex topics haven’t you written about yet that you would really like to pursue?
There are definitely more toys out there I would love to review as they are always making new and crazy stuff. There is just so many other things out there too, that, I mean, I’m not too sure what else I will be writing about but I’m always open to suggestions. Also you never know what might spark a sudden interest in something or I might just find something with a huge lack of info that would cause me to delve deeper into its mysteries and share my findings with the world!

What have you got coming up that we need to watch out for?
Aside from a few upcoming video game reviews, I have a review for the VerSpanken coming out in the next little bit and I’m always looking for more live events to DJ. But that’s just really business as usual for me these days