Muse Mondays: Stairway to…

For this week’s Muse Mondays, I dedicating my effort to Nikki Haze’s Masturbation Challenge: What Gets You Off. I had already picked out this fun image, which I found on writer Lance Greencastle’s Tumblr. Looking for hot, sexy images? Follow Lance!

So, here we go!

Stairway to…

The city, the rush, the run. I’m pulled in all directions at once, needed here, there. In between meetings and dates and those that blur into one. Grab a cab, grab a subway.
Take a minute to grab myself.
It all gets too much, so sometimes I sneak to whatever place I can and pull down my panties. Outside, inside, bedroom, bathroom, sometimes even in a boardroom —wherever I am I take a few minutes to touch my cunt and cum.
And cum. And cum hard.
Call it a perversion, a problem—I call it play. I call it necessary and therapy.
I call it sex with myself, for myself, by myself.
Even when I’m not alone. Sometimes I’m around others—most of the time they have no idea.
Sometimes they do—and they like it.
Like right now. The city is hot and I’m even hotter. People are rushing by on the street above this stairwell. Usually I’m one of them. But not right now. I’ve ducked down here, ditched my g-string. My cunt is already wet. I had this idea a couple blocks back and each step took on a more urgent pace. I looked at alleys. I looked at doorways. I looked everywhere until I couldn’t afford to be picky.
This stairway is mine.
But as I get into it, rubbing my clit, soaking my fingers, I hear the doorknob. And then the creak of the hinges. And I can’t believe it.
“It’s you.”