Muse Mondays: Shadows Over Home

Oh Lady Cheeky! Where have you been?
I had no idea she had such a treasure trove of fantastic sexy images squirrelled away on her Tumblr  There are so many to choose from—I will definitely be back. For my first trip through her hot collection, I picked this image to be inspired by. I’ve always like shadows in black and white erotic imagery. Cock and belt help too!

Shadows Over Home
I didn’t see him there—at first. As I always do after work, I came into my apartment, went straight for my bedroom and took off my suit. That thing is my daytime uniform and I just cannot wait to shed it when the 9–5 is done. It was early evening so the light from the sky was just running out. The last wisps of it slipped through my blinds cast a long shadow down the wall. Only this time, its path was interrupted.

I had just slipped off my pants—they were still around my ankles—when I jumped with a start. There he was, half hidden in the dark of the room, half illuminated by the fleeting light. He had just stood there silently, stroking his rigid penis. He clutched his black, leather belt in his other hand, wiggling it just a bit. I wanted to scold him, but how do you get angry at a man with a hard cock and a menacing belt?

Wordlessly, he came to me, taking that option away and kissed me deep and hard. Our combined five o’clock shadows filled the room with scratching as our lust overcame us. His hands remained full with his two tools and I knew what this meant. James can get in such a single state of mind when it comes to sex and cumming. I could try lots of different things, but he obviously has something in mind—and I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“Turn around, bend over and show me your ass, Patrick.”

I absolutely love it when he dominates me like this. My already straining cock pushed against my boxers even more. As I turned my back to him, doing as I was told, he started to slap the belt, not too hard, against his own leg. Getting it warmed up.

I removed my boxers and bent over in one motion. Now my bare as was completely exposed to him, and I trembled with anticipation. Reaching back down my body, I grabbed my cock and waited for the first strike.

When it came I let out a moan of relief. My hand started flying up and down my dick as more sharp blows fell across my cheeks. James was also stroking himself at a frenzied pace, but he would slow up every 5 or 6 lashes and rub his penis across my stinging wounds. It was such a different touch, startling but amazing.

Then he would be back at it. Down came the belt, over and over, all over my burning skin. When he failed to stop with one set of 6, I knew I he was getting close. I’d been holding back my own orgasm, hoping to meet him in that ecstasy. I also did not want this shadowed fantasy to end.

James paused momentarily and I knew he was about to blow his load. The belt was raised one more time and when it fell I heard him gasped. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the new sensation of his spunk coating my wounded flesh. But as soon as the first drop connected, my own cock erupted and cum exploded out of me. To accentuate the sensation for me, James threw in one more lash making me cry out in painful pleasure.

Finally, the belt was tossed aside, with a thud, to the floor. James pushed himself against me, his softening cock fitting right along my ass crack. I leaned back for a kiss and he whispered, “Welcome home.”