Muse Mondays: Fill Me Up

Victoria James shares the same desire as me—spreading the erotica and romantica calls for submissions. I greatly appreciate her retweeting my posts. And I really appreciated finding this hot photo among her photos on Twitter. How could I not write about him!
Fill Me Up
By luck, a gas station emerges on the horizon. I knew I should have filled up sooner, but I just want to get home. I just want to get the heat off my face, the ever-present dust off my skin. Driving through these dustbowls always leaves me feeling tense, disgusting and lost. I’ll just get my gas and it should get me back to the city.

It isn’t much of an outlet, just a little garage and one pump. Can’t imagine they get much business out here, well, except fools like me who forget to fill up. As I pull up to the pump, the only person I see is sitting on a gleaming Harley, polishing the chrome handlebars. He looks back as I sidle my car up to the pump and I inadvertently slam on the brakes.

Is this gorgeous thing a mirage?

He may be sweaty, he may be covered in dusty and sweat and grease. But he is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. And even though I know it is part of his job, I still can’t believe he’s walking over to me.
When he gets to my window, he lingers just a second before it and I have restrain myself. I just want to reach out and run my hands over his rippling abs. When he bends down to the window those muscles are replaced by the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen.

I ask for a fill up and god do I wish he’d get that what I want is for him to really fill me up. Fill my mouth with the glorious cock those dusty jeans must be hiding. I don’t take my eyes off him as he sets the pump, slips the nozzle into my car’s hole and then saunters back. We make some small talk about the weather, the heat.

We he starts to tell me about his motorcycle, his eyes dazzle. He’s kneeling beside my window. I imagine it get’s lonely out here all day because he seems rather chatty. The pump clunks to a stop and my car must be full. He moves around, removes the nozzle and come back around for paymen. However, I haven’t been filled and when he gets close I take my chance.

Reaching through the window I grab a loop of his jeans. He looks at me, surprised, but doesn’t move. Lunging over I pop the button of his jeans and he get’s my drift. I pull him right up against the car and finish undoing his pants. I was slightly concerned that he might be filthy everywhere, but luckily no. Not that that would have stopped me. I want his cock and I want it now.

With his hands resting on the roof, he lets me tug his stiffening dick out of his pants. By the time his beautiful cock is fully exposed it is as hard as can be and I don’t hesitate. I slip it between my lips and taste his sweaty musk. He groans as I suck him as deeply into me as I can.

I have never wanted to blow a man so badly and I attack his penis with lusty vigour. Licking, sucking, taking his balls in my mouth. He can do nothing but stand there and take it all in, watching and moaning. His body stiffens and pulses, new sweaty pouring down between those stunning abs. Part of me wants to make this longer, lick all of the dust off of him. But I am too fixated on his hard cock.
My passion extends to him and soon he is thrusting forward, fucking my eager mouth. His moans increase and his breath becomes hoarse and ragged. I prepare myself to receive his cum and when his orgasm hits I keep my mouth firmly attached to his exploding member. He groans loudly as jet after jet of steaming jizz coats my mouth and tongue. I keep sucking until he finally pulls out.

With a quick backhanded wipe of my lips, I grab my wallet and hand him the money for the gas even though he’s still a little dumbfounded and glassy-eyed.

“I’ll be back this way in about a month. See you then!”

As I pull out of the station, back onto that dusty road, he stands there, cock still out. Finally, just before he disappears in my rearview, I see him wave.