Call For Submissions Scarlet Petals Press

Call For Submissions

Scarlet Petals Press

KHP Publishers Inc. is launching a new erotic romance imprint, Scarlet Petals Press. We’re currently open for submissions and will remain open until we feel a sufficient number of submissions have been received.

KHP Publishers, Inc. and all of its imprints publish only ebooks at this time. Payment is 50% net royalties ­ no advance ­ paid on a quarterly basis. We are requesting sole and exclusive worldwide English language electronic rights to publish the Work for a minimum initial period of three (3) years from the actual date of publication, and for the duration of any subsequent contract renewals.

Currently, all heat levels are being considered. Acceptable sub-genres include:

• Romantic Erotica
• Contemporary (Men in uniform, bad boys, friends with benefits)
• Gay & Lesbian
• Menage
• Paranormal/Urban Fantasy (Weres, vampires and witches only, please.)
• Historical/Cowboy
• Fairy Tale (Modern setting only, please.)
• Amish
• Pseudo-taboo (Non-blood-related couples only, please.)

We will not publish material with under-aged characters (below 18 years) or any kind of non-were bestiality. Were-creatures must express human characteristics, at least some of the time.

Erotica submissions should still have a strong romantic theme, good characterization and a happily ever after, or, at least, a happily ever after for now ending.

Submissions should be between 30,000 ­ 50,000 words (firm) and be submitted in block format manuscript style, where possible. No special fonts or formatting. Please use acceptable manuscript formatting (double-space with one-inch margins) and Times New Roman 12 point font. Please include if your story is part of a larger series, how much has been written and what your projected series length is. Also include your contact information (real contact for records/payment purposes ­ to be kept private ­ plus writing name, address, email, and phone number).

Send your submission to with a synopsis in the body of the email, and the actual manuscript attached in .doc format. Let us know if you have any questions before submitting.

Simultaneous submissions are okay. Response time will vary, but expect to receive a response in 1-4 weeks. Please do not send follow-up emails unless you place the book before you have received a response from us. Your book must be unpublished at the time of submission. Please do not send books in series that have already been launched by another publisher or that you are self-publishing. We will consider reprints, but only if your book has been out of print for several years or you have a large body of work.

Thank you for submitting to Scarlet Petals Press. We’re looking forward to seeing your work!

Please see our guidelines page here: and our imprint site here: