Sex Stuff: The Pip

Butt plugs are funny things. They come in a ridiculous array of sizes, shapes, colours, designs and textures. Obviously all of these mean different things to each asshole out there, but it can definitely be intimidating if you’re just starting out with butt play. Seriously, go into some of the bigger shops and marvel at the massive selection. 

Now, if you are an apprentice, I’ll save you some time. Plain and simple, check out Happy Valley’s The Pip  
This is a fantastic plug for starting out. Not too big, but not too small as to not be noticeable. You will definitely feel the subtle shape of The Pip. And that it comes from the fine folks of Happy Valley means it js made of high grade silicone. 
And don’t forget that flared base–an essential part of all butt plugs. You do not want to get anything lost in there. Some bases are uncomfortable, but not The Pip. It is nice and snug all-around. So if you’re lookin’ for some first-time ass-fillin’, give The Pip a shot. You will likely out grow it, but everyone has to start somewhere and your graduation will be a great thing.