Muse Mondays: Texts at Work

I got into fun little twitter exchange a few days ago with Amelia Bryant and Dirty Slut. I’d already figured out Amelia can give good Twitter lip but it was nice to find a new fried who could too. And not just lip! Check out this hot photo—it immediately made me think of this story.

Texts at Work
Normally I don’t even look at my cell when I an work. I am just too busy and there are too many people around. Cubicle life is not conducive to getting away with much. Not to mention the meetings! I’ve seen what the boss does to people who forget to turn off their ringers in meetings. Thanks, but I’d like to avoid that, so I just resist temptation and cjeck my messages when I take a bathroom break or at the end of the day.

With an afternoon-long meeting coming up, I decide to hit the washroom, noticing that others are already on their way to the boardroom. Just as I’m thinking I’d better hurry this along, I almost knock poor Nancy flat on her ass. Well, it was her own fault, she.was the one trying to text and walk at the same. I ask if she’s alright but she just smiles and says “See you in the meeting,” and rushes off.
Knowing I’ve got to rush, I multi-task: extracting my cock and activating my phone at the same time.

One text opens up just as I let loose. A photo from Nancy? With the message:

“Sneaky pic at work. Come suck my nipples.”
I almost soak my entire pantleg when I stumble back on shock! She has sent me a picture of her exposing one breast from beneath a white sweater and white bra! The very same sweater she’s wearing today! I look at the time of the message: this must have been what she was sending whem we bumped into each other!

I am just shocked. Nancy is very sexy but I didn’t think she’d ever evem noticed me! And now all I can think about is how I do, very much, want to suck on her nipples. How am I even going to look her in the eye in the meeting…

The meeting!

I quickly zip my pants carefully navigating my zipper around my bulging cock, was up and fly to the boardroom. Fortunately, I get the just in time. But there is only one empty seat left—right across from Nancy. She both blushes and smiles as I stammer out an apology. I take the seat and try to avoid her eyes. And her tits!

Why does this meeting have to be so long! I keep sneaky glances at Nancy and every time she catches me. Even when she’s making points about our latest products. And always with that smile and blush. And every time she does, my aching cock throbs for release.

Finally, the boss gives us our marching orders and sends us on our way. The meeting has gone long so most people scurry out, gather their things and leave for home. With a raging hard-onI’m not eager to leave the boardroom, so I ask the boss some questions about my upcoming assignments. Nancy doesn’t help matters by also hanging back. Eventually he gets annoyed, tells us both to go home and heads out himself. Leaving me alone with Nancy.

“I take it you got my text,” she whispered.
I could only nod, still having not got out of my chair. Still sporting that hard-on.
Walking over, lifting that pure white sweater, she gave that smile again. “Then why don’t you do as I ask?”
And with that she lifted pulled her sexy tit out of her bra and thrust her already hard nipple into my mouth. As she leaned down she placed her hand on my cock and squeezed hard.

“Suck it baby,” she cooed as I took as much of her tit into my mouth. “Suck it hard while I jerk you off.” I moaned deeply into her chest.

Her hand was a blur on my crorch and even though I was still clothed I knew I’d be blowing my load soon. Very soon. And as soon as she entwined her fingers in my hair an and whispered into my ear “let it go” I jerked and shook and filled my pants with hot cum. As I calmed down, she moved from grabbing to stroking my hair.

Eventually she stood up and pulled her phone out. Before I could object she snapped a picture. “Mmmm, have a good night,” and she sauntered to the door. Stopping in the threshold, Nancy turned back. “Tomorrow I’m going to wear a skirt…imagine the photo you’ll get!”