Muse Mondays: Taken by You

I was a little late in finding an image for this week’s #musemonday post, but damn, am I ever lucking I found this hot photo on Lacy’s (of Erotica World) tumblr.
I am a huge fan of strap-on sex…particularly when I’m the one getting fucked! Or sucking. Or stroking. Or just looking at a sexy woman with a harness and cock.
I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing this week!

Taken by You
I am so spread for you, baby. My legs, my ass…I want you in me, I want you taking all of me.
Still can’t believe you were just standing there, in my dress shirt and a strap-on when I walked in the door. I dropped my gym bag and my mouth. And then I just stood there, stunned, as you waited at the bottom of the stairs. You were one step up, hands on your hips, huge grin and cocked eyebrow overtaking your face.
And then you moved one hand, wrapped it around your big, hard cock.
And then you moved your other hand, reaching toward me, and curling your finger in that, “get over hear” motion.
I didn’t hesitate. My raging hard-on wouldn’t let me.
I moved toward you, coming closer to kiss your lips. Instead you wrapped that outstretched hand and slipped your fingers into my hair. And grabbed. And forced. Forced me down, bending my head lower and lower until I was forced to get down on my knees.
In front of you.
In front of your cock.
“I think you know what to do,” was all you said.
Keeping my eyes locked with yours, I slipped my lips over the head of your penis. Slowly, I eased it into my mouth. I saw your own lips open, wider. I saw you mouth the word ‘fuck’ as I took more and more of your cock into my mouth. When I pulled back and very nearly released your big dick, you gasped and held my head in place. Since you’d seen what I could take, you saw this as an opportunity to fuck my mouth.
You were gently—at first. But as you got more and more into it, and I got more and more turned on, your thrusts became more urgent and demanding. You pumped deep between my cheeks, sometimes pushing your cock very close to my throat.
I could smell you pussy and imagine how wet you were getting. I figured I’d be fucking you soon.
But no. You had other plans. But they still involved fucking.
You pulled your cock out of my greedy mouth and pulled me back up—still by the hair. Without letting go, you lead me to the bedroom and pushed into a chair. You seemed mad, obsessed, driven. In your desire and haste, I had no time to remove my clothes. When you pulled my pants and underwear off in one motion, by needy cock burst on to the scene.
You didn’t touch it until I was entirely naked. And when you do, you don’t know. You grab. You grab my stiff dick hard. And hold it still.
Instinctively, I pulled my legs up and apart, holding my thighs. I have fucked you this way, many times before and you decided it was my turn. You knew this would drive me crazy, push me over the edge. When I told you I wanted to be taken, you were just quiet. And it isn’t that you spoke much when you lubed up my tight, virgin ass. You let your cock do your talking for you.
And it was then, with one hand still firm and resolute in choking my desperate dick that you pushed your own penis against me, opened me, penetrated and pushed deep into me.
And you saw I was spread for you. Open to you.
All of me…taken by you.