Muse Mondays: Running Just As Fast As We Can

I recently became acquainted with the work of Sandy Bottoms so it was a nice coincidence when her name popped us as recommended in Twitter. And then I discovered her rather fun Tumblr and got lost in it for a while. And then, just as I was thinking I might find an image for #musemondays, I came across this one.

To me, this image is all about potential…and that’s where I went with it. Sorry though Sandy, it wasn’t the shoes doing it for me.

Running Just As Fast As We Can
He comes out here everday. Every morning, bright and early, just like me. But I’ve never been able to tell if he’s just like me in another way.
My run today has been fantastic. I came out a little earlier to avoid the other joggers. Well I was hoping he’d be out–and running. And it was during this bit of fantasy thought that I missed a small rut in the road and tumbled down, turning my ankle in the process.
Those hot thoughts were dashed from my brain by the agony of my twisted ankle. I really wanted something else to be throbbing but instead I was curled up on the road in pain.
But then I heard a voice. Turning, I looked up into the bright morning light to try and focus on what was being said. And I saw him, the incredibly cute and cut jogger—and he was asking if I was okay.
Despite the pain, I manage to smile at him and I try to pull myself up. Just as I am about to fall backwards, he reaches out, stops me from falling and helps me to me feet (err, foot).
However, just as he let’s me go, I lose my balance and stumble forward into his arms. He catches me in his strong sexy arms as my face lands squarely against his chest.
He both pause, ever so slightly—enough to make me wonder more about him. All thoughts are confirmed when I look into his eyes and his beautiful lips connect with mine.
Despite being unable to hold myself up, passion throws me forward and I use his mouth as an extra brace. He takes this responsibility in stride—I daresay he accepts it quite willingly. As he hold me up he also slides his tongue into my willing mouth.
I still feel the pain but it is just a dull whimper compared to the throbbing roar in my shorts. Because of the wam morning, neither of us are wearing shirts (thank god!) and our hot chests melt into one. His arms wrap around me, and despite my injury, I want him to know how badly I want him, so I slip my hand into the back of his shorts.
I can feel his cock pressing into me…and I know he can feel mine. I get the sense he wants to fuck, right here, on the road. He moves his hand to my shorts, reaches down to feel me up and then tugs at the band. He pulls his lips from mine.
“How are you? Do you think you can walk?” he asks, with a concerned look—and a hint of sexy.
“Right now, I feel fantastic,” I smirk, grabbing his cock at the same time, “And so do you!”
He leans his head back and lets out a groan.
“You should get off that ankle though,” he winks. “Good thing my place is just around the corner.”