Call For Submissions Readerotica

Call For Submissions
Readerotica – Free Erotica for Your eReader – Volumes 2 and beyond
Editor: PriveCo Inc
Deadline: Ongoing
Payment & Rights: $50 USD per story paid via Paypal (or $100 worth of product from for non-exclusive digital rights on the PriveCo websites as well as the eReader version of Readerotica. This arrangement is non-exclusive so you may use the stories on your own sites, in your own books, etc.
About Readerotica:
Readerotica is a free erotica series for people who prefer to read erotic stories on their Kindle, Nook or other eReader. The work is distributed free of charge or for the minimum possible price through Amazon as well. The work is targeted to mainstream eBook readers and is sponsored by, whose clientele is likely to own an eBook. The idea of Readerotica is to drive our readers into such a sexual frenzy that they purchase a vibrator from
Stories should be approximately 2,500 words. Writers should show respect for the English language; it is the vehicle in which your thoughts travel to your readers. It should be washed, cleaned, and ready to run. Our digital publishing format rewards simplicity so your submission should be free of tabs, text-formatting, and excessive carriage returns. You are welcome to submit a Word document, a .txt document or an .rtf.
Topics should be attractive to a professional woman: The majority of topics chosen will be heterosexual, single-partner stories (though tasteful, playful experimentation will be considered). Our readers are overwhelmingly female, so stories written from the female perspective are best. Explicit language is perfectly acceptable and expected. You are not required to incorporate products into your story. That would be a bit too commercial for us. Readerotica contains short sponsorship messages between each short story instead. Finally: We would never consider topics that our readers wouldn’t enjoy. We expect writers to exhibit a certain level of self control, so please no submissions that include: scat, incest, underage, etc. topics. Try to keep it sexy and fun.
Thank you:
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