The Hook-up: Nikki Haze

Introducing Nikki Haze

Nikki is a pure powerhouse of social media, combining her blogging with superpower Twitter skills to sert herself up as a writer to watch. She’s got her erotica works up on Amazon, she’s taking control of her writing as a professional endeavour (on top of being a psychotherapist) and she’s one of the most enthusiastic and exciting people I’ve met through this blog.

Your blog is fairly new. What made you start it up?
I had this moment a few months ago where I was really struggling with whether to commit to my writing professionally or get my PhD, as I was being strongly encouraged to do. I shed other people’s expectations and the answer was easy. Writing is essential and not pursuing it professionally is simply out of the question. Fuck fear of failure right up the ass.
To me a professional writer isn’t necessarily a published author. A professional writer is someone who puts writing first and finds the time to slam down the words on the page no matter what. I love Twitter so much, but I’m quite verbose so my blog happened because I have so much more to say. Plus, I wanted a place to post “tastes”of my upcoming e-books for fans!

How long have you been writing erotica?
I’ve been writing Erotica in my head for a decade! I began putting it on paper four or five years ago. I’m an aspiring novelist in the contemporary romance genre and I found myself wanting a more explicit study of what went on between the hero and heroine behind closed doors. This is how Nikki Haze was born!

How has your experience been with selling your erotica on Amazon?
Positive. I was curious what strangers would think, and whether my words would get someone as juiced up as I get when I write. I found something sexy and exciting about putting this explicit material online. It’s created an opportunity for collaboration and dialogue with other erotica writers. I love supporting my fellow writers and promoting #writersunite. I’m not sure that it’s catching on!

Give us a little hint about your two books Cyber Sex Mysteries: Anonymous Masturbator and Cum Home?
Cyber Sex Mysteries: Anonymous Masturbator was SO fun to write! It’s quick, dirty and satirical. I came up with the idea for the second story in the series today during a meeting. I had to scramble for a post-it before the idea was gone. The working title is Cyber Sex Mysteries: Keep it on Vibrate. Watch my author page for updates!

A Taste of Anonymous Masturbator: A man was naked in front of the camera, gripping his hard cock. He was only visible from the waist down and Kassandra noticed that he’d hilariously chosen to keep on his dress socks. They were pulled half way up his calves and stuffed into a pricey looking pair of shoes.

Cum Home is about a young hot billionaire and the gorgeous “girl next door.” It’s fast-paced and sexy with a BDSM theme. I had a series of shorts planned out for these characters, but the second installment became a novella with much deeper characterization. I’ve combined it with an updated version of Cum Home and now I’m looking to have it professionally published.

A Taste of Ccum Home: Jason dug his nails into Cameron’s ass as he ground his hard cock against her pussy. The elevator doors slid open to his penthouse. What is it about an elevator that makes girls want to grab his cock?

Is having a blog a necessity to make it in the crowded erotica marketplace?
In most cases yes, but it depends on your career goals. For me a blog is an absolute necessity. Twitter is SO powerful. I cannot emphasize this enough. When you connect with a reader or fellow author over Twitter they want to know more, read a sample, etc. A blog is vital for growing a social media following. The amount of wonderful feedback and opportunities that have come out of my Twitter experience in the last month alone is amazing. Including the honor of this interview, Jon!

Do you do other types of writing or art? Anything sex-related?
I’m a very sexual person, but I’m sure that goes without saying. Even my non-erotic writing includes a fair amount of explicit sex. My contemporary romance novel revolves around one BDSM relationship and another M/M/F relationship. It’s dripping with sex. I’m an art lover in general. Right now I’m obsessed with the artist E.P. Neidich. Below is a digital nude she created of me.

How does being a trained psychotherapist play into your writing?
Being a psychotherapist is infused into every aspect of my life, especially my writing. The opportunity to sit with (and hopefully help) individuals who are feeling deeply and exploring themselves is a writer’s dream. In turn, writing helps me cope with the challenges associated with such an emotionally draining profession.

Are people surprised to learn this? Do they wonder if you’re scrutinizing their own sexuality?
People are certainly surprised to learn that Nikki Haze is a shrink, because I churn out some real filth on Twitter and my blog! In real life, dating is impossible because people think I’m analyzing everything about them. Of course, I am.
I live in a building similar to the one described in Cum Home. I have two sexy neighbors that have become my good friends. They learned about Nikki and told me that now, not only do they think I’m psychoanalyzing them, but have realized that they’re “way too vanilla.” I fucked one of them and woke up the next day with enough bites and bruises to say with certainty that isn’t so. I tweet about him often…

What can we look forward to from you in the future?

In addition to the next installment of Cyber Sex Mysteries, I’ll be introducing a new series titled Billionaire Playboys. On February 18th a sample of Cyber Sex Mysteries 2 will be available on Sandra Bunino’s fabulous blog.
Expect many more steamy stories and endless filthy tweets about my dominant lover, Insomnia. He’s a ruthless motherfucker and demands I not sleep.