Sex Stuff Review: The Massage Bar

I hate massages. There, I’ve said it. Receiving, and in one sense, giving. I’m sure this puts me in the minority, but I just don’t like having my skin and muscles touched in that way.
I am, conversely, quite happy to give massages as I like to see people feel good and relax.
But back to the hate. I hate massage oil. I hate having it on my hands and, worst of all, I hate getting it on the rest of my body if the rubdown becomes sexual.
Now back to some love, and I have seriously big love for the many different flavours of The Massage Bar.
I was introduced to these Canadian, 100% natural and edible delights by Katrina of Ohhh Canada who could not say enough positive things about them. I decided to bring home the Chocolate Mandarin bar and as soon as we opened it, the delicious scent filled the room. A sign of more good things to come!
Most scented and flavoured massage products I have tried smell and taste like awful chemical stews. Not this chocolate delight (or the vanilla bar I have since bought). Both smell pure and fresh and the flavours are fairly benign. Which is good! I don’t really want to eat them. If flavour on skin was important to me, I’d just whip out a bottle of chocolate syrup.
But the real test is how it feels…and The Massage Bar feels fantastic! Never before have I experienced a massage product I enjoyed on my skin. Seriously, I was shocked.
Using body heat to melt oil on to the skin, you can either warm the bar up in your hand or by rubbing it directly on the person’s body. Either way, the oil spreads easily and lasts just the right amount of time. You can actually rub it right in, leaving soft, smooth skin that isn’t sticky or overly oily for sex or sleep or anything else you plan to get up to next.
It should go without saying that I quite enjoy The Massage Bar and I look forward to purchasing more of the flavours.
Has it raised my appreciation for massages? Okay, I admit a little bit–but don’t rub it in!