Muse Mondays: “Written”

I have to thank Nikki Haze for turning me on to the I Like Tatts Daily feed…wow, there is some hot stuff there! So hot, this one is the inspiration for this week’s return of Muse Mondays. This one is a bit short, and a bit abrupt sounding…but I like it. I’m going to work with this style some more.

If I could, I’d cover your whole body in my words. No, not just my words. Your words and my words. All those things we say in the heat of the moment, when passions are running over and I just can’t stop my mouth. Or you just won’t shut up. Until that moment when one of us just can’t take it anymore and someone’s mouth descends and directs us to a new activity.
But I do want to see my words on you. I want to see all of the dirty things I say scribbled and scrawled across your skin. I wish I could do it myself. Telling you how much I want to lick your cunt as I etch those words on your inner thighs. Telling you how much I want to spank your ass as I embellish your cheeks with ink. Telling you how much I want to suck on your nipples as my tongue swirls and teases.
Just as I can’t leave any part of you alone, just as I always want to touch every inch of you, I want to write sex-filled love poems across your skin. I want all of our hot moments to be remembered with a written testament. You know that time you rode my cock, that summer day, when we fucked till we were soaked and begging for water? I can’t tell you about it if you give me your left arm. I can tell you about your prodigious cocksucking skills if you let me stare at your neckline.
What would I write right now? If I had the chance I’d get that ink and start at your toes, marking an x on each after I sucked them. I’d lick and kiss your soles and leave words behind like tension, passion and sexy. As I made my way up your legs, my notes would be all about me revelling in their length, strength and how you’re about to wrap them around me. Because the next word I’m going to write is “hard.” and I’m going to put those right on your lips before I fuck your cunt—hard.