Muse Mondays: They’ve Been Here

What a delight to find this photo for this week’s Muse Mondays! I was taking my time, checking out The Good Drawer Weekly from Met Another Frog and THIS STUNNING IMAGE from Mina LaMieux’s tumblr was featured.

So evocative. So sexy. So beautiful. 
I hope I do it justice. 
They’ve Been Here
I gave myself up. Having never been to a party like this, I didn’t know what to expect. The getting-to-know-you part of the event was a bit tedious, but I suppose it made a lot of sense. I was too shy to say much though, and I figured my chances of getting much action were dwindling. A lot of people seem to know each other, and I’m just a newbie, brought by a friend, looking for some fun.
The introduction circle breaks and I head straight for a wall. Back against it. My friend Ryan sees my attempted wallflowering and cuts me off.
“Time to have some fun!” he giggles and leads me by the hand, up the stairs.
“I know you need some easing into this new situation,” he reassures, “so we’re going to check out the massage room.”
That is reassuring. I don’t think I could jump right into this whole sex party business—I’m surprised I’m even here. And I am sore from a tough week. Some soothing hands sound like a great idea.
There are 6 other people in the room, and more come in and out. Everyone is in a different state of dress, or undress. We both go down to our underwear, although I keep my bra on as well. Everyone is in a good and light-hearted mood and I relax considerably.
There are a variety of people here…men, women, different sizes, different skin colours. Some are reaching out to touch now, gentle hands on expectant skin. I hadn’t noticed that Ryan had slipped behind me. A hot stamp burns into my chest when he reaches around and places his hand just above my breasts, just below my neck. I feel a sunburst travel from his hands, flaming across my skin.
“Kneel down, close your eyes. I’ll start you off,” he soothes into my ear.
I do as he suggests and the moment his hands connect with my aching back muscles I silently thank him for bringing me here. Even if nothing else happens tonight, this is bliss.
Ryan works my back for some time, finding some oil to sooth my winter skin. We’ve had our past romantic entanglement, so there is no worry about ill feelings or jealousy. He’s a good friend, he understands my needs, neuroses and most of all, my desires. Which is probably why he moves his hands up to rub and brace my shoulders as a new hand caresses my calf.
My eyes dart open and I find a woman smiling back at me. A redhead, pale skin, soft, curvy body. She’s completely naked.
“You have runner’s legs. May I soothe them for you?” she asks, very politely. I just nod and close my eyes again. I can feel Ryan giving her room to work and when both her hands make contact with my lower legs, more sunburst sensation erupts across my skin. I melt under their joint touch.
“Let’s lean you back now, so you can relax,” Ryan suggests. He guides me onto soft pillows arranged on the floor. Before I close my eyes again, a man, short, baldheaded with a beautiful smile also asks to join my little massage party. Again, I just nod my consent.
This newcomer takes a more direct approach, parting my thighs and lifting my legs so they are bent, my feet on the floor. The redhead has since moved to my belly and ribs, more sunbursts exploding across my skin. This massage is getting less relaxing and more sexual. And I love it.
The man with the smile (he still has it, I peeked) perches between my open legs and grabs my inner things with hot strength. I moan without thinking. Ryan has settled near my head and he leans down to whisper “would you like us to remove your bra and panties?” Again, I can only nod in approval.
With that, the three of them slowly strip me of the last of my clothes. Somehow this makes the impressions where each of them first touch me burn even more brightly. My cunt must be dripping.
The each resume their positions: Ryan gently touching my face and neck; the redhead caressing my breasts, sides and belly; and the smiling man between my legs, grasping at my thighs, calves and feet.
While Ryan stays focussed on my ears, lips, cheeks, the other two slowly drift closer and closer to my cunt. She from the top, he from the sides. Her fingers reach first, slipping into my hair while his follow shortly after, brushing the furthest edges of my lips. When my hips involuntarily move upwards, both reach further.
I can feel my wetness dripping out of me, trickling down to my ass. Ryan intensifies his touch of my face, slipping down to my neck and collarbone. The others intensify their touch, not quite getting right to my pussy, but rubbing and touching me harder. They are driving me crazy.
Eventually, she leads the way again as I feel one of her fingers make contact with my clit. This sunburst might be the strongest of all. I immediately arch my back and gasp. When I then feel two of his fingers enter me, curling up to hold me tight, the gasp turns into a low, deep moan and the arch flattens out so that I can push against his hand.
As Ryan strokes my hair, they work my cunt, masterfully touching all of the right spots. The redhead strokes my clit with gentle circles, over and over. Her finger encompasses all of my sensitive spots while the smiling man reaches his fingers inside me, gently rocking while at the same time curling up to reach my spot. All three of them have me on the brink.
And they push me past it when a new tongue, none of theirs, I am sure, sweeps across my parted lips. I don’t know who, and I don’t care. All I feel now is the most explosive and expansive orgasm of my life. As my body rocks through it all of the sunburst spots of touch cry out in joined pleasure. It shoots through me, through all of me and takes minutes to subside.
I didn’t even think to open my eyes. I didn’t have the ability.
The three of them have gone back to touching me gently. I open my eyes to see not just him smiling, but all three.
“Who was that?” I breathlessly ask Ryan.
He points to the rest of the party, just outside the door.
“Someone from out there,” he smirks. “And now that you’re all warmed up, you’ll have to go out there to find out.”