Muse Mondays: Don’t Stop

I found this image perusing billierosie author‘s blog. I was delighted to find a feature on photographer Paul Thomas. I was so impressed with so many of the images, I couldn’t decide which to write on. I put it to my partner to pick one.

Don’t Stop
I’ve seen a lot. These city streets get awfully busy and so many of the cliches do come true. The backseat of my cab has seen everything: drunks, fights, births, arguments, tender moments and everything inbetween.
As you might guess, I like the sex the best.
Usually I just get the inebriated college kids pawing at each other on Saturday nights. Not many others are keen to get it on in a taxi. But I sure did have high hopes when they flagged me down.
He waved his hand just as I was approaching the restaurant. The night had been slow and I was eager for any fare so I made sure to get to the curb before any other driver could swoop in. When she emerged from the shadowsI instinctively slammed on the brakes.
They climbed into the back and asked to head uptown. Both were well-dressed, I guessed an anniversary or birthday. As I pull away, she fingers a pearl necklace and he smiles.
Traffic is heavy and we crawl along. Fine for me, the meter’s running. They must have other ideas though. Through the rearview mirror I watch him slide over to her, latching his mouth to her neck. Her heax tilts back and I see a sigh escape from her lips.
It is getting hot back there, so much so tha I can barely keep mu eyes the road!
As he moves back and forth between her neck and her mouth, deep moans crawl out of her. He moves even closer so that he is practically above her. She continues to reach her mouth to his and I sense more is happening that  I can’t see, so I adjust the mirror to an angle entirely unsuitable for driving.
And I was right! Those dirty folks have got her legs spread and his hand right in her panties. No wonder she’s so worked up, he looks like he’s going to town on her cunt!
It is bloody impossible to watch the road now, I just want to this fella finger this sexy lady. Her moans are getting louder and louder as his hand moves faster. Her body starts to arch and buck and I can’t believe that I am see her cum right there in my…
All of us are thrown forward as the cab crashes into the back of a minivan. But would you believe that I still hear, over the twisting metal, her loud orgasm! I couldn’t believe it.
After I get over my shock, and they get over their excitement, we pull ourselves out of the wreck. Surprisingly, the are full of smiles. I am not looking as happy.
He walks over and hands me something.
“I hope this covers any damages” he says, as I note the wad of cash in my hand. I look at him in astonishment.
He gives me a wink as they turn to leave, “she’s always wanted to cum like that.”