Sex Stuff: We-Vibe 3: A Greatly Versatile Toy!

We’ve come a long way. Never before has the release of a sex toy been a big news item.
That was before the We-Vibe came along.
Now in its third incarnation, the We Vibe 3 promises to deliver even more to your sex life—in the hetero-penis/vagina sense. And it does! No doubt about it! As with the previous generations, this version is a fantastic way to add a brand new zip-and-ahhh to your sexnanigans.

First off, it has a remote control. Fantastic idea! Who doesn’t like a remote control? Being able to change the vibration settings (of which there are 6) and turn it off is a great addition. I also have the We-Vibe II and it was a bit cumbersome to change the vibe and turn the slippery thing off. Now, you can give an extra charge of wild during sex and cool things down much more calmly after. One thing to note though: the remote doesn’t have a lot of range. You’ve got to get pretty damn close to the device to make it work. I’m big into alternative uses for sex toys (more on that coming up!) and was hoping to have my partner walk around with it tucked in and secured with panties while I change the vibrations. But that isn’t happening. It’ll likely be great for long car or bus trips.

Another improvement to this We-Vibe model is that it is now completely waterproof. No more sticking the charging cord in the end (hehe, they’ve taken the penetration out of the toy!). Instead, it now comes in this discrete, magic charging case! You just slide the unit into its holder, close the cover (if you want), leave it be for a while (I know, that’s hard, but necessary) and it becomes fully-charged. I’m not going to mess with the sex toy gods and try to discover the source of this wizardry—I just like it. And now that it is fully waterproof, you can take it in the shower or bath. The We-Vibe 3 is a great solo tool and would make a great addition to a warm soak.
Now, in its designed-for purpose, the We-Vibe 3 still rocks. Its popularity and success is justified. Much research and development has gone into its design and the two of us here greatly appreciate it. Okay, greatly appreciate is a bit of an understatement when it comes to sex. It gives us hot and satisfying orgasms. It is comfortable and durable and really works for us. The We-Vibe 3, simply, works for us.
However, in the past I did get in a conversation loop on Twitter and some people said the toy doesn’t work for them because it is “one-size-fits-all”…but it didn’t quite fit them (i.e. reach to, or extended past their G-spot). I think that’s a fair point and I hope they sent suggestions to the company. There seems to be the potential for a few different sizes, though it would be an expensive way to make sure you get the right fit.
Speaking of expense, the We-Vibe 3 ain’t cheap. However, in the world of sex toys, relying on the cheap just isn’t worth it. That’s a funny concept for me because I’m all about dollar stores and DIY whenever possible. My favourite paddle device came as part of a $1 set of IKEA kitchen tools. But, in the case of the We-Vibe 3, it is totally worth it. We never wore out the We-Vibe II. We’ve never had any problems with the II and I haven’t heard of or read of any problems with this new incarnation. Sometimes, quality is king.
But, when I put out $130, I go back to my DIY roots and wonder what the hell else I can do with it.
Fortunately, there is a lot!
I devised 3 sexperiments.
1. The Ring: What’s a guy to do when he’s sitting around with a hard-on and a brand-new sex toy right beside him? Well, he figures out how to fuck that sex toy! I wasn’t expecting much from this trial, but it did surprise me. I’m not big on vibration on my penis, and I really am not happy when it gets too close to my balls. So I tried gently running the We-Vibe up and down the shaft and over the head. Not bad! Getting a bit more bold, I wrapped the toy around my cock. Again, a decent sensation. Finally, I grabbed some lube and started stroking it up and down. I could really get into that. I had the thick power spots turned out so they wouldn’t get caught on my belly—and this proved to be a downer. With the lube working its magic I slid the toy down a little too far and those power spots made contact with my scrotum. I didn’t like that at all and had to remove it. But I will say, if you like some dick vibe action, slip that ring on for size.
2. The Pinch: I recently lead a workshop on Prostate Pleasure and when I got the We-Vibe 3 it was the first new thing I wanted to try with it. The prostate is in, generally, the same position as the G-spot. Plus, the prostate can be stimulated from outside via the perineum. Given the tight U-shape of the toy, I thought it would make a great P-spot stimulator.
Damn do I love it when I’m right!
The fit was not perfect, but that might have also had to do with the position we were in. I had to squeeze my pelvic muscle to have the We-Vibe get to my prostate, but when it did the vibration setting we were using was fantastic. The outer stimulation was a great bonus. Combine that with the blowjob I was getting…amazing! Normally oral sex doesn’t bring me to orgasm (though I do certainly enjoy the sightseeing trip!), but I could have definitely gotten off on this experiment. But I didn’t want it to end there.
Keeping the toy in place, we tried a very different missionary We-Vibe penetration than what is recommended on the site. With it snug in my ass we went to town. Again, the stimulation was intense and wonderful. The thrusting and muscle contractions were brilliant. Funny thing though: the unit turned, slowly, through our whole session. A full 180, until the other end up nestled in my ass crack. I lost the perineal stimulation, but the prostate work remained and felt great. It did look and feel kind funny when we were done—me walking around with a little red tail. And again, bless them and their remote. Once I get off, I don’t like any more vibration in my ass. I want it off, immediately. The remote was perfect for this.
3. The Combo: As you may have gathered, I’m a fan of things in my ass. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that we’ve got a great harness and an array of dildos for pegging pleasure. So, I couldn’t help but think of combining the We-Vibe with our strap-on set-up.
Chalk another victory up to DIY sex toy fun!
Finding a strap-on and dildo combination that provides physical pleasure to the wearer is tough. Not impossible, but tough. We completely luck out, in that our harness provides a nice, snug fit to keep the We-Vibe in place while she fucks my ass.
Not only did it stay in place, but it worked out just fine. Better than fine! It worked out orgasmically! For both of us.
I had thought there might be some possible vibration running up the shaft of the dildo, but that wasn’t to be. Not that it was needed! This combination provided some hot stimulation for my partner in an act that is usually, predominantly about me.
4. The Ultra Combo: Okay, this one hasn’t been tried yet, because I just thought of it while typing this review. But picture it: a strap-on, one We-Vibe in her, one We-Vibe in me (the joy of upgrading when the previous version still works fine). Seriously, this has to get tried tonight.
The We-Vibe 3 is a fantastic toy all on its own, in its intended use. But even better is that it is also a fantastic and versatile addition to anyone’s collection.

Pick up a We-Vibe 3 at Ohhh Canada.